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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Waxman/Markey Cap And Trade Or Tax And Kill

The wicked witch of the west, Nancy Pelosi, has brought the global warming kill industry bill to the floor for a vote this week. The Waxman/Markey bill will be a massive tax on all Americans who will see the price of everything remotely connected to energy use sky rocket under the guise of protecting/saving the environment from anthropogenic global warming. This thousand page behemoth of a job killing bill has little or nothing to do with the environment it is all about controlling energy and thus the people. It is a backdoor method by the statists to take away ever more of our liberty and freedom while expanding their own power and control over every aspect of our lives.

Have no doubts about it that this was all planned while everyone is talking about health care Iran and North Korea that that sneaky witch, Pelosi, and her crony, Obama, would try to sneak this massive tax hike in under the radar. It is typical of Obama that he is saying one thing while doing another on the sly, like a magician, one hand distracts while the other hand is doing something else. Do Not underestimate Obama and what he is willing to do to force his far left agenda through while trying to seemingly stay above the fray without blame.

Call your Representatives and Senators and tell them to oppose this massively destructive bill. It would raise the price of energy for the average household $1000-$2000 a year and that doesn't count the cost of motor fuel or the additional costs as the price of everything will have to go up, not to mention the inflationary pressure of printing trillions of dollars to pay for the absurd bills already passed by the thieves in charge.

If we don't fight back now it may be to late to save what we have left of the freedoms and liberty we once enjoyed and our founding fathers invisioned. Get of your ass now and make a couple phone calls to your Congressmen and women.