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Monday, July 13, 2009

Gone Fishin'

I guess that can be taken literally as well as figuratively since I have neglected the Barnyard for a while now and am spending evenings floating around catching bass instead. I am not far from the small lake I grew up on and I still know what the fish like, having landed several well over five pounds, nice chunky, healthy big mouths. They have been tearing up the Storm swimbaits I have been using, 4-5 nice fish in a couple hours of casting.

I must say it is far more peaceful and relaxing than sitting in front of my computer reading and ranting about how badly Obama and his congressional minions are screwing up our country. I even got laid off a couple weeks ago, though I quickly found another job it was a first. I learned one thing though, filing for unemployment is a huge royal pain in the ass, thankfully I found work before I needed to follow through with the hoop jumping. I don't do tricks for the government very well.

I am actually glad I got laid off from my last job since the boss is a class-A1 jerk and not nearly as smart as he thinks he is plus he liked to whine for hours about how no one likes him, how bad former employees were and how crazy customers were. This is not a pleasant person to be around, I wonder why his business has gone down hill for the last twenty years, snark. He was bad when I worked for him fifteen years ago and has now become almost unbearable in his unrelenting pity party. I am glad I don't have to listen to his insufferable woe is me rants anymore. Anyway I bring a lot to the table for my new boss and can help her expand her business while given the freedom to do what I do best, my job. Another plus is my commute is much shorter and the hours are better so I might have some more time to spend here or floating around catching some lunker bass.