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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The State Of The Union

I will attempt to live blog though I am a very slow typer and will shoot for the highpoints.
President Bush appears in very high spirits and opens by mentioning the passing of Corretta King , good move.
Isolationism and protectionism are not good.
The advance of freedom, this will set the tone for the rest of the speech, good theme.
Basically told CAIR to shove their request to not mention radical Islam by going after it early.
Nice salute to the Iraqi people.
We must keep our word and stand behind the military.
A gracious salute to a fallen marine's family.
Calls on Hamas to recognize Israel.
Liberty is the right and hope of all people.
Calls out Iran, the nations of the world must not allow Iran to gain Nuclear weapons, and speaks to the people of Iran as a friend.
The compassion of america abroad.
Defends the NSA surviellance in no uncertain terms, he is fired up tonight, good.
Let us work together to lead the world towards freedom.
4.6 mil new jobs more than the EU and Japan combined.
Great points on tax relief and economic policy.
Line item veto.YES
Good points on health care and insurance.
Good points on energy policy and education.

Short, to the point and powerful, In my opinion a very good speech and one of his best deliveries to date, he even pronounced nuclear correctly. Cspan did not pan in on individual members and their expressions during the speech and I would have loved to have seen Kennedy's when he welcomed Alito and Roberts to the bench. I thought the initiatives were bold and forward looking. My only sour grape was when speaking of entitlement programs, he seems to have forgotten the expensive boondoggle of the drug plan he rammed through Congress other than that I would give it an A instead he gets a B+.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Alito To Be Confirmed

The vote to end debate on the senate floor went through by a 72-25 margin and the loonbats are about to split their spleens in anger (hattip: Decision08 via Hugh) and here and here. As I said last night, they are our secret weapon, such venal profanity laced rants will hardly endear them to fly over-country sane americans such as this one in a reader comment to The Federalist Patriot.

"Patriot No. 06-04 notes, 'So let's see if we have this straight: The
Democrat Party's strategy for success includes raising taxes, abetting
terrorists, losing wars, aborting babies, smearing judges, redefining marriage,
promoting discrimination and rights for felons. Did we miss anything?' Well,
yes—insisting on public education and opposing private education alternatives,
suppressing Christianity, promoting secularism and atheism, promoting the
breakdown of the family, minimizing penalties for all anti-social behavior while
trying to remove guns from law-abiding citizens, supporting eco-terrorists,
censoring the Internet, allowing foreign law to rule us, stopping any kind of
energy development—just to name a few more." —Houston, Texas

No wonder they don't like guns , they are afraid they will shoot themselves, as they do a good job of blindly running into brickwalls as it is.
Maybe I should stop calling them loons since I am a birdlover and the loon has an eeriely beautiful call so unlike the moonbats highpitch squeals and gutterally profane screams, Howlin' Howard Dean comes to mind. One of their Deaniacs even called for Dean to form a third party, I say they should go for it, us conservatives know a bit about third party politics and it would suit them very nicely. Shoot they already have the Greens, the Communist-Socialists Workers and a few more so prevalent at their pro-abortion/anti-war rallies they seem to hold every week. Don't these people have a job or something constructive to do?
AQ released another tape today that sounds like they read the moonbat blogs or get emails from the NY Times offering talking points, tough talk while on the run and hiding in caves and mudhuts in the countries that Islam built into dynamic economic tigers, right.
I may be very unhappy with recent GOP spending habits, that can be easily cured, I am truelly scared what would happen if the left gains power again. Can you say stagflation with sick Islamic bombers running around scotfree as poor suppressed people in need of coddling? I don't think so, not this american citizen, my Scots/Irish heritage is too deep and tempered by centuries in the fight for freedom to have it taken away by idiots who know not history or the threat we face today from Islamo-fascists and their dream of an Islamic caliphate over the world. I will leave with my favorite quotes from our founding fathers.

"It is in vain, sir, to extentuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace,
Peace--but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that
sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our
brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that
gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to
be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know
not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me
death!"--Patrick Henry

"Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say,
'What should be the reward of such sacrifices?' ... If ye love wealth better
than liberty,the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom,
go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the
hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity
forget that ye were our countrymen!" --Samuel Adams

Tonight I will sleep in peace because brave, hard men are doing their duty so that I may!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The GOP's Secret Weapon

I will on occasion stray out of the Barnyard and visit the city slickers and read their conversations at their internet coffee houses such as Kos, Atrios and the DU for kicks and giggles, it always puts a smile on my face and some bounce in my step. It is not because I agree or like what I read, it is precisely the opposite, the reason is if this is the base the DNC chooses to pander to then conservatives should have no trouble convincing sane americans which party to vote for. I gather from reading the comments most are in college and not yet in the workforce or to dumb and lazy to hold , keep and grow a career once employed. Michael Medved had a liberal/admitted communist party member and organizer of the SOTU address protest on his radio show the other day with no real job, a professional protester and admitted it doesn't pay the bills. I hate to tell them George Soros will get tired of flushing money down the toilet, which he has already threatened to do if the Dems don't filibuster Alito. Somehow, I don't see the american people cozying up to the radical left as Mama Moonbat Cindy Sheehan did with a socialist dictator, Chavez, and the DNC did to loony left. As I refered to last night we aren't trying to silence them with pies and and other loony interuptions of their speakers, why should we, they are doing just fine in promoting our point that they haven't a clue. I say let the donkeys bray all they want, it is their right to make fools of themselves. Why should we stop them?
Our secret weapon!

PS: I added some links to the blogroll today and all worthy of a daily scan, Captains Quarters, The Belmont Club and the Officers Club all extremely informative

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Winning The War of Ideas

Why is conservatism gaining traction and liberalism being reduced to raving lunatics? Perhaps this must read, "Gallantry, What Liberals Can Learn From George W. Bush" from an American Thinker can provide a clue.
Vasko Kohlmayer opens his article with an apt observation:

The other day, the American people saw George W. Bush once again addressing his
in connection with the NSA’s surveillance program . Despite the
that he has been accused of the worst of possible motives – of
willfully and
deliberately breaking the law to spy on his fellow
citizens –
the President
tackled this and other gratuitous charges
without a trace of
anger or
A relative few presidents in
this country’s history
have endured
the kind of vicious and spurious
attacks that have been leveled
against George
Bush. Completely
abandoning any sense of decorum or
statesmanship, some of the
officials in the Democratic Party have
repeatedly called him a liar, a
loser, an election-thief, an airhead, and a
fraud. Regularly likened to
there have been books
discussing his assassination
. Recently he was even dubbed the world’s
greatest terrorist by one of America’s once-prominent entertainors These are
just a few of examples. Sadly, such views are increasingly becoming
part of
the mainstream liberal outlook.

Is this not so true by our own
observations and encounters with the angry lefties? He continues:
But no
matter how malicious they have been, George Bush has always
faced his critics
with affability and goodwill. Even his most bitter enemies
– hating him as they
do – would be hard pressed to fault him for being
uncivil or personally
unpleasant. He displays none of the unkindness,
harshness or anger one would
normally expect from someone engaged in a
political struggle against those who
frenziedly seek his destruction.
fact, Bush’s gallant manner has become
something of a trademark. His
comportment has served him well, for he has
triumphed in almost every great
battle he has fought, including two
heatedly-fought national elections. His
successes tend to drive his
opponents into what can only be called
spasms of political hysteria, and not
knowing what else to do, they crank up
even further their already outlandish
rhetoric. Their near-madness is indeed
a sight to behold. As we have seen repeatedly in the press and varied
internet commentary.
What this shows is that that when you are on the side of right you do not
have to be brusque to prevail. Conducting yourself with grace and dignity can in
itself have a devastating effect. Insults and vituperation are altogether
unnecessary. Quite to the contrary – geniality and personal warmth further
augment the effectiveness of your words and actions.
Rush Limbaugh chalks up
the bad beating that liberals have been taking in recent years to a lack of
proficiency in the art of argumentation. His contention is that during the fifty
or so years of media monopoly they became intellectually indolent and are now
unable to counter conservatives who, by contrast, patiently built their
intellectual armoury during their long period of minority status.
I agree, though who honestly could support the morally repugnant positions of the left?
This is only partially correct. Although it is true that more and more people
are becoming adept in articulating conservatism, liberalism’s present day
haplessness is not primarily due to a lack of argumentative skills on the part
of its advocates. Unfortunately for them, their predicament runs much deeper.
Their real and ultimately insurmountable problem is that most of their beliefs
and positions are inherently indefensible. For how does one make a case for
multiculturalism, abortion, bigger state, socialized healthcare or higher
It certainly cannot be done by logic or deductive reasoning – no
matter how skilful they may ever become in these – since the hard truth is that
all of the above ultimately lead to bad outcomes. High taxes, just to take one,
in the long run invariably depress economic activity and bring in less in tax
receipts which is the opposite of what was intended in the first place. This is
a matter of incontrovertible
economic laws

As I have long said a basic understanding of economics is needed to debate clearly. I am fiscally conservative first as social conservatism cannot stand without it.
One cannot argue one’s way out around these laws if debating an
opponent who has a solid grasp of the subject. And increasingly more people do,
which is why liberals are having such a hard time these days. So profound is
their desperation and impotence that often they can think of nothing better than
heckling, throwing
(and here)
and squirting salad dressing
at conservative speakers. It is both telling and ironic that this often happens
in universities which are supposed to serve as forums where opposing points of
view are freely and openly discussed.
Do we need a better illustration of
liberals’ intellectual and moral corruption?
This should help us see why so
few liberals are either amiable or gracious or civil or good-natured. These
virtues are for the most part alien to those who believe untruths and as a
result cannot prevail by logic and argument. Their only hope lies in deception
and personal attacks. They must lie about what they believe and demonize those
who disagree. Over time this tends to make them vicious, bitter and hateful. One
needs to look no further than Howard Dean, Teddy Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, Noam
Chomsky, Al Gore, Michael Moore, Harry Reid and the aging Jimmy Carter for
confirmation that this is indeed the case. And they are just a few among many.
We could go on and on.
So if throwing pies in Ann Coulters face and disrupting the State of the Union address are mature activities, I would like it explained to me. I don't see conservatives throwing pies at Al Franken or attempting to disrupt Al Gore's rants.
What a glaring contrast with the gracious deportment of George W. Bush. In
him we see the human aspect of conservatism at its best – kindly, affable and
good-natured. The fact that there are other conservative champions who exhibit
these as well as other admirable qualities should makes us confident and
optimistic. Rush Limbaugh, Victor David Hanson, Mary Matalin, George Will, Sean
Hannity, Cal Thomas, Bill Kristol, David Horowitz, Clarence Thomas, Peggy
Noonan, Mark Steyn are some examples. They truly are gallant and classy warriors
in the great struggles of our time.
It makes one regret that they have almost
no counterparts on the liberal side of the battlefield.
It is that comportment and grace that earned this former independant's support of President Bush and the GOP. I urge the libertarians and constitutionalists to also support the GOP. I am a Constitutional Federalist and the GOP comes closest to my political ideology and I donot want to see a socially regressive agenda of high taxes, gay marriage, partial birth abortion and terrorist appeasement in power. We must therefore show that same graceful comportment when dealing with the left. Remember dignity has its consequences as well.

PS: I screwed up in my initial editing so please forgive the result, push the wrong button and lose an hour of work. Oh well, such is typepad life.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Night Picture

Into a harsh world we enter and only strength and resolve will enable us to see the other side, it is up to us to decide if the journey has beauty

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamas, Alito, Etc

As I certainly expected Hamas won a landslide of seats in a democratic elections for Palestine. They now have power and with it comes responsibility and accountability, if they attack Israel or allow attacks it is an act of war and Israel has the right to respond and not tit for tat. Hamas has honored the cease fire and done more for the Palestinian people in terms of social services than the PLO and Fatah ever did despite the billions in foreign aid to Arafat, that is why they won. They know that Israel can wipe them out if Israel is pushed to far and will abide by the ten year truce allowed by Islam from a position of weakness, the same one that UBL seeks, to gain time, to gain strength so they may continue the Jihad started by Mohammed 1200 years ago. A Holy war to convert or conquer and kill or apply a jizya, an extra tax on non- muslims, and subjugation as second class citizens, real tolerant people, right. Hey loony toon lefties, you think Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson are evil religious bigots, these Islamic fundamentalists would kill everyone in San Francisco without a thought simply for what goes on there .
This brings me to Sam Alito, our newest SCOTUS Justice, he will be confimed early next week, the GOP has the votes for cloture and even a few Dem. yes votes for Alito. Even Robert Byrd, my favorite storyteller, has given his thumbs up and offered a stinging rebuke to the judiciary process as practiced by his party, he's feeling the heat from his constituency in a GOP state. If anything Bryd has great respect for the rules and traditions of the senate and he has my respect for that besides being an entertaining orator.
Though I am a GOP rookie I am not new to conservatism, though I had the typical lapse into liberalistic hedonism in my early twenties, more libertarian independant. It has taken forty years for conservatism to take hold and put men like Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and now Alito on the bench and we have a stable full of stout young minds just waiting their time. I read so much about our revolution, had The Constitution and The Declaration of Independance on my wall, that my late father often said I was born two centuries too late. I was so thrilled to find The Federalist Patriot online when I got a computer that I have every issue and quote saved since that time. From the many snorts and clopping of hooves I hear, my brethren are mounted and quietly forming the column. The energy, morale, and resoluteness to win with honor mirrors the courage our warriors face on another battleground though theirs is so much more special, of true sacrafice. Thus we must reaffirm our commitment to win at home as well !

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Joke Or Not, Still Side-Splitting

From a reader:

Subject: Hillary's Indian name
Senator Hillary Clinton was invited to address
a major gathering of the American Indian Nation two weeks ago in upper New York
state. She spoke for almost an hour on her future plans for increasing every
Native American's present standard of living, should she one day become the
first female President. She referred to her career as a New York Senator,
how she had signed "YES" for every Indian issue that came to her desk for
approval. Although the Senator was vague on the details of her plan, she
seemed most enthusiastic about her future ideas for helping her "red
sisters and brothers". At the conclusion of her speech, the Tribes presented the
Senator with a plaque inscribed with her new Indian name - Walking Eagle. The
proud Senator then departed in her motorcade, waving to the crowds.A news
reporter later inquired to the group of chiefs of how they came to select the
new name given to the Senator. They explained that Walking Eagle is the name
given to a bird so full of shit it can no longer fly.

The Oh So Cuddlely Left

I need not say more upon review of this photo essay by Zombie of the prolife march in San Francisco. As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words. There are three parts, I liked the last, which side had the cuter gals, easy choice.
Enjoy the rude and obnoxious trying to suppress the orderly and respectful. (Hattip: LGF)

Monday, January 23, 2006

Some Personal Clap Trap

A few months ago an underling coworker posted a grotesque XXX comment here, it was of course deleted, my blogger buddy Cabe saw it and confirmed the timestamp and source. I busted the coworker and thouroughly chastised him, he wears a tinfoil hat, so I doubt he heard me. Since then several commenters hailing from the liberal loonbat sites he frequents have shown up here and on several of my fellow conservative blogger's sites.
Well today in our shop meeting he basically accused me of creating a hostile work environment that prevented him from doing his job properly. I have KTKZ on the radio, Ingraham, Medved and Hewitt during work hours. I had recently busted him for surfing the internet on company time and probing into company finances. To me, that is my job as a loyal shop foreman. My reply, no KTKZ, no music either as overplayed, moldy 70's and 80's oldies drive me to distraction as well. He has his own glass business and I have caught him trying to skim business from us as well. This is why credit the sudden appearance of rabid lefty commentors at several of our blogs to him. I offer my apologies to those sites this virus has spread to.
It must suck to be a tinfoil hat wearing loony working in a shop full of conservative GOP voters that know how to debate, even our other DNC voter is more conservative than he would admit though a socially liberal Budhist. I am a royal bitch to work for, if you don't do it right the first time, do it over with me breathing down your neck the whole time. I have to be that way if I am the ram completing $500,000 contracts on time or $5 walk ins with a smile and swift service. He even had the audacity to complain that I reported his activities to the boss, that is my job. He is white as a sheet and claims victomhood as a mexican, sorry to say he was born and raised in the US to caucasion parents of mexican descent, and speaks fluent ebonics.
This is what was on my mind tonight so I am posting it, with the suggestion to ignore or delete the recent loonbats that have been around, a public service announcement of sorts.
Take care and have a great day.

Ps: My "Owl" has some great posts up, she is a GOP operative in Kennedy/Kerry country, throw her some support if you can.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday Musings

Well it is Seahawks vs Steelers in the superbowl, I am going with Seattle since Sean Alexander was a Crimson Tide star as well. I don't watch NFL except for the playoffs and big game though I follow it in the sports news to an extent and this looks like it should be a good game. Good teams with hardnosed coaches in Cowert and Holmgren that know how to win.
In other news there is much analysis going on throughout the old and new media about the UBL tape, the NSA, Iran and the GWOT that I am a bit overwhelmed by it so I don't really know where to start. It seems conservatives have very similar reactions to the UBL tape, is the DNC mailing him their talking points? While the the Koskidz and others force the WaPo to shut down a comment section because of their profanity laced drivel. The loonbats scream for impeachment which would be impossible in the current congress and they shout down their leader San Fran Nancy Pelosi because of it. I see a once great national party bereft of ideas and consumed by hatred for Bush, Christianity, and all things conservative that has to resort to lies and photoshopped pictures. I see conservative bloggers taking their congressional leaders to task and forcing an open debate on the House leadership and its role in moving the Reagan/ Gingrich revolution forward. I see fired up sailors, soldiers, airmen and marines doing their duty with honor and professionalism in bringing freedom to millions of oppressed people. I see plagues, poverty and natural disasters and the outpouring of aid. I saw France grow a backbone , Germany wising up and China and Russia realizing Iran is not such a good friend to have. Where does all this lead us? I have not a clue, though I am very thankful John Kerry-Hienz or Al Gore is not our president. I see a mixed up, confused world struggling to make sense of itself though flailing away for a better life.
I am just a simple american Joe trying to make some sense of it all while paying my bills and swimming hard to stay afloat in the flood. I am not an expert though I consider myself semi-informed and educated and wanting the best for the US and others around the world. America is that "Shining City on the Hill" that Reagan spoke so elonquently about and loved so dearly though I believe the socialists and the lefty moonbats would rather us enter the dustbin of history along with the USSR and join Africa in its despairing chaos. That is sympathy not empathy. Sympathy is joining in the grief of others, empathy is bringing them tissues and lifting them up to continue on in the fight. An analogy would be if you saw someone puking over the rail with seasickness, sympathy is joining them at the rail puking , empathy is bringing them a wet towel and seasick medicine.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Iran and the UBL Tape

I have found fantastic analysis of both in the blogosphere. Winds of Change and The Officers Club being just two of them. I will start with Usama's 'Truce offer", jihadis are forbidden from offering a truce unless it is from a severly weakened position as a survival mechanism till they can regroup to continue the Jihad. UBL explicitely if unwittingly makes this point in offering a truce so they can rebuild Afganistan and Iraq. He must think the rest of us are as stupid as Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink and their molly coddlers in our MSM. His tape reads more like a briefing from MoveOn.org not his accustomed fatwa preaching. Does he really believe our western press? Heck, we don't believe our own press. Does he really think The West would allow him to rebuild Iraq and Afganistan in his vision and that of the Taliban? They are losing and badly with a few more top members joining Allah in Pakistan and the Sunni uprising in Iraq turning against them. They are incapable of making any gains or holding territory and now turf wars are breaking out between AQ and other terrorist gangs like Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. I got the feeling of a 'hey what about me, I am still alive' missive, I guess he is feeling sorry for himself, cut off from his grand vision, broke and sick and hiding in a cave or mudhut far from the lavish life he once had and having to rely on the generosity of others to survive.
Iran, that is another story, there is much saber rattling going on, even France put the nuclear option squarely on the table if it is attacked in a gesture pointed at Iran, even Russia and China have joined our side of the debate, they need the oil and don't appreciate the apocolyptic retoric coming from Tehran. They would look the other way if we were to make a preemptory strike. Winds of Change and Officers Club offer great analysis of the options and they are not pretty by any means. We free people cannot allow the mad mullahs and an apocolyptic mad man Achmedinejad to gain nuclear capabilty, I prefer the thunder strike bolt out of the blue option by us over Israel. This should not be left to our tiny though powerful ally. You can't negotiate with lieing madmen as the EU has come to figure out thus the bold statement by Chirac of France's willingness to use its nuclear arsenal in its defense. Our president may be a hardnosed cowboy but he is not as crazy as the EU once thought and they are coming around to our side of the table, for our protective shield of course. History unfolds before us though I don't believe it is time for Revelations.
And here are a couple cool videos courtesy of the OC here and here and some other great reads here and here.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Happy Friday

Just enjoying some good music and liberal rants, as '06 looks better and better. I believe the conservative movement can provide increased majorities if we stay focused, now is not the time to sit back and yawn on our haunches , now is the time to mount up and fight. I say force them to pipe off. Force them to make a play, force that desparation pass down the middle, we have a secondary ready for the intercept and a linebacker core ready for the tackle. I know we have a game plan, theirs resembles the Bengals or Broncos against Montana's 49ers. Me , I prefer an Otis Sistrunk defense and a Ken Stabler offense, let them think they are winning then take it from them. Are you ready for some football?


Enjoy, the left is blistered and the right is fixing things gone bad, so typical of today. I have a life so this is my brief for the night. I love the liberal agenda as they continue to advance the conservative one with their retoric.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A View From the Palisades
Just having Fun under that California sky!

Such A Great Source of Intertainmment

Misspelling is meant in the title as I refer to the immense amount of joy I get from the lefty rants on the web. James Taranto was on a roll tonight with this lead off to Best Of the Web. I just loved another classic quote from Kos.

Full Nelson

Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska is the first Democrat to say he will vote to confirm Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, and we have updated the influential OpinionJournal tally accordingly. The announcement was not unexpected, for Nelson is the most moderate of all Senate Democrats. Indeed, before the hearings last week there was speculation that Nelson would be the only Democrat to back Alito. That would make the vote 56-44 in favor, assuming all Republicans back the Jersey jurist.
Given that the filibuster is now expressly off the table, that would be the worst possible outcome for the Democrats, who, if they are as smart as even we think they are, will want to ensure that Alito gets at least 60 votes, and probably closer to 65.
This may sound counterintuitive, but it makes excellent sense. A close vote gains the Democrats nothing; Clarence Thomas (confirmed 52-48) is every bit as much a Supreme Court justice as David Souter (90-9). Maybe there's some emotional satisfaction in losing a close one as opposed to being crushed, although presumably if this were the case Walter Mondale would be a raving moonbat and Al Gore a serene statesman.
But the 60-vote threshold is crucial for political reasons. If more than 40 Democrats vote against Alito, the Angry Left will be downright livid. Already they are inflamed. Here is one georgia10, posting on DailyKos.com:

Don't tell me a filibuster isn't warranted when 56% of this nation says Alito
SHOULD be blocked if he'll overturn Roe. Don't tell me a filibuster isn't
warranted when Alito implied Bush could invade Iran without the consent of
Congress. And don't tell me a filibuster isn't warranted when it's my rights, my
body, my way of life on the line.
I keep hearing the Dems needs to "grow a
spine." That we need "angry" Dems, we need Dems with courage. We need Dems with
courage. Well guess what--we HAVE angry Dems, we HAVE courageous Dems. Look in
the damn mirror, people. WE are the party. WE are the Democrats. We're angry, we
spit fire, and our time has come.

If Alito is confirmed 65-35, the georgia10s of the world will turn their wrath on the Democrats (mostly from Republican states, one would think) who vote "yes." But if he's approved 56-44, or 59-41--that is, if enough Democrats oppose him to sustain a filibuster in theory--they will blame the Senate Democrats as a whole, and especially the leadership, for not conducting a filibuster.
In fact, the Democrats will not filibuster because they cannot. Last May's compromise took the tactic off the table until next year. The alternative--and the consequence of filibustering now--is the abolition of the filibuster forever. Such practicalities, however, will not palliate the Angry Left.

Read all of his "Best of The Web" tonight, a recommended free subscription,

I stopped monitoring because as my heading states I welcome free and honest debate. If all you have is Air America talking points and that lazy form of debate, copy paste/one liner, you will not be responded to. I will clarify any point I bring up if asked appropriately. Snarky one liners will be ignored and used as evidence against the loony left. I hope they can share the wisdom behind their ingratiating sense of humor, with the rest of stupid rednecks. Duuhh, where did that wabbit go, please tell me where did he go, gee, gotta love Bugs Bunny. Bugs is my hero, everytime his brilliant opponent had him trapped he weaseled out till he met the tortoise, the conservative movement, and he lost. There are lots of morals in that old tale, I got the name Goat Gruff for a stand on a symbolic bridge against trolls at Bill OReilly's forum, from another of those old fables.
Oh, and Ann Coulter has prepared a nice roast, it is tasty, if you wish to partake, tender and juicy, I just love fresh lamb.

So Hillary Clinton thinks the House of Representatives is being "run like a
plantation." And, she added, "you know what I'm talking about." First of all:
Think about what a weird coincidence it is that Hillary would have made these
remarks in a black church in Harlem on Martin Luther King Day. What are the
odds? Did she even know it was a holiday? Bravely spoken, Senator. I haven't
been this surprised since finding out Hollywood likes a movie about gay
cowboys.As Hillary explained, the House "has been run in a way so that nobody
with a contrary view has had a chance to present legislation, to make an
argument, to be heard." Yes, that's what was really missing on plantations
during the slavery era: the opportunity to present a contrary view. Gosh, if
only the slaves had been allowed to call for cloture votes. What a difference
that would have made!
Need I say more?

Monday, January 16, 2006

Life can be a challenge. It can, also be a vast playground if you have a good guide or guide book. To venture into life with Christ and the Bible at your side is having both.

The Patriot Post

Founders' Quote Daily
"Natural rights [are] the objects for the protection of whichsociety is
formed and municipal laws established."-- Thomas Jefferson
(Letter to James Monroe, 1791)Reference: The Writings of Thomas Jefferson,
Memorial Edition,Lipscomb and Bergh, eds., vol. 9 (422)

"One single object...[will merit] the endless gratitude of the society: that of restraining the judges from usurping legislation." —Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, January 15, 2006

On Justice Alito

"[J]udges, therefore, should be always men of learning and experience in the
laws, of exemplary morals, great patience, calmness, coolness, and attention.
Their minds should not be distracted with jarring interests." —John Adams
After New media held firm on Miers, Bush answered boldly with Sam Alito and he will be confirmed. I am amazed at how far the "leaders" in the DNC can be so daft in their questioning, Kennedy was shamed out of the room along with Biden, Schumer and the rest of the windy cast except Fienstein . She is voting "nay" but won't support a filibuster, I am sure her cohort Boxer will be very shrill in the floor debate.
As linked in an update to yesterday's post, Jed Babbin makes a great case for Pushing Back
It's time to take the gloves off, and push back -- hard --
against the dishonest and deranged rhetoric of the left. Thanks to their
relentless Bush-bashing and their reckless condemnations of how we are fighting
the war, the latest polls say that only about one American in three says the
nation is headed in the right direction and only 44% say the president is doing
a good job. The hyperlib rhetoric not only flies in the face of the facts -- the
economy is booming and the war is being won -- but it has enormously negative
effects at home and overseas

As does Mark Steyn in this well honed example of a razor sharp wit, a quote goldmine.

I find it, as grave somber Senate Democrats like to say, "troubling."
Indeed, I find it not just "troubling" but sad that a party once so good at "the
politics of personal destruction" has got so bad at it. The last time they had a
Supreme Court nominee to hang upside down in the Democrat bondage dungeon was
the John Roberts hearings. And at least, when hatchet man Chuck Schumer
professed himself "troubled" by the "fullness" of John Roberts' "heart," the
crack oppo-research guys had uncovered an "inappropriate" use of the word
"amigo" by Roberts back in the early '80s.
But, with Sam Alito the worst
they come could up with was that he might have been around some other guy who
might have used the word "amigo." Not back in the early '80s, but in the early
That's it? It's a tragedy to watch once-fearsome attack dogs spend a
week chasing their tails because they're "concerned" about the "Concerned Alumni
of Princeton" -- though, of course, these days one's heartened to find Sen.
Kennedy still capable of chasing tail. Still, would it be too much to ask these
guys to put in a little rehearsal time and practice grilling themselves in front
of the bedroom mirror.

My only problem with the direction we are headed as country is the is the indescretionary pork barrel spending and outrageous spending by special interests for those favored earmarks. That is why I am promoting the blogger petition at Truth Laid Bear about the future leadership of the House GOP.

An Appeal from Center-Right Bloggers
13, 2006 09:49 AM

I'm pleased to present the following statement on
behalf of the undersigned bloggers.
An Appeal from Center-Right
We are bloggers with boatloads of opinions, and none of us come
close to agreeing with any other one of us all of the time. But we do agree on
this: The new leadership in the House of Representatives needs to be thoroughly
and transparently free of the taint of the Jack Abramoff scandals, and beyond
that, of undue influence of K Street.
We are not naive about lobbying, and
we know it can and has in fact advanced crucial issues and has often served to
inform rather than simply influence Members.
But we are certain that the
public is disgusted with excess and with privilege. We hope the Hastert-Dreier
effort leads to sweeping reforms including the end of subsidized travel and
other obvious influence operations. Just as importantly, we call for major
changes to increase openness, transparency and accountability in Congressional
operations and in the appropriations process.
As for the Republican
leadership elections, we hope to see more candidates who will support these
goals, and we therefore welcome the entry of Congressman John Shadegg to the
race for Majority Leader. We hope every Congressman who is committed to ethical
and transparent conduct supports a reform agenda and a reform candidate. And we
hope all would-be members of the leadership make themselves available to new
media to answer questions now and on a regular basis in the future.

We need to continue the Reagan/Gingritch revolution, from the commentary I see from both sides of the aisle, I would gamble to say we are winning. I am not much for polls though I thoroughly enjoy having fun with the pollster, it all depends on how the question is framed and the region the polling took place. Who could really support this way of thinking as George Jonas pointed out so well.

Canada's highest court ruled on spouse-swapping the other day, andI'm in
agreement ­ well, a kind of uneasy agreement ­ with their ruling.Yes,
spouse-swapping shouldn't be a crime, but human beings who insist onbehaving
like baboons should consider moving to a zoo,There's a superficial resemblance
between sages and people whodon't give a damn. Modern liberals wouldn't condemn
a woman taken inadultery any more than Jesus did in St. John, Chapter 8, but for
a different reason. Christ had a tolerance for sinners; modern liberals have a
tolerance for sin.

I also recommend this bit of research to read carefully on the differences between Christianity and Islam. This is a well written essay and well footnoted by James Arlandson at The American Thinker.

If you were to start a new religious movement or an entirely new religion,
people would hurl insults at you, guaranteed. Those who cherish the status
may even threaten your life. But how would you respond? Would you show
and take it? Would you walk away? Would you return the insults,
calling them
names? Would you engage in a verbal sparring match, disarming
your opponents
with your wit?

Or would you do the unthinkable? Would you get a gun and kill
the insulters?
Or would you send a follower to kill an opponent stealthily in
Two founders of religious movements, which eventually became world
religions, heard insults and serious challenges thrown at them by skeptics
mockers. Sometimes their lives were threatened. Though Jesus and
sometimes reacted in the same way, showing patience and walking
away, in the
final analysis, their reactions were different.
How did
each one react,

Is this a tough choice?

These folks also have some good stuff posted

Carol, Karen, Mark, Lisa, Lores, Paul, Stan, Tug, Cabe, William and Jay

And Threats Watch and these, here, here, and here will get you up to speed on the GWOT

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The DNC And The Loony Left

I have to wonder, is america losing one of its great political parties? It would be a shame if we did. I fail to see their attraction to the far lefty socialists, anarchists, social deviants, abortionists and other fringe groups. Yes the GOP has its fringe groups as well, yet they belong to the GOP the GOP does not belong to them, unlike today's DNC. Unfortunately this is the heart of the DNC, some really nice remarks at the Daily Kos, and they wonder why they lose elections. A perfect example is their leaders performance in the Alito hearings, Kennedy, Biden and Schumer are their guiding lights, well that Titanic just hit an iceburg and sank.
Are they so engrossed with their own lack of power that they would jeapardize the security of our nation if they thought it would gain votes? I am a small government Libertarian in many ways and wire tappng AL Quaida and others that wish america dead does not bother me in the least nor a majority of sane americans.
We are winning the battles in Iraq and Afganistan, they are only battles in this war that we are winning. It is a war of attrition much like the Cold War in which Korea and Vietnam were battles which we still won, despite the left's best efforts to lose, thanks to an american People that elected Ronald Reagan and pushed the Gingrich revolution through. We elected George W. Bush to win this war not play softball with murdering thugs.
Whats up with Iran? I don't know, there are plenty of great analysts working that beat, Victor Hanson, Amir Taheri, and Charles Johnson at LGF to name a few. Does the american public care or know, absorbed as they are by NFL playoffs, Desparate Housewives , and American Idol? Perhaps more than the MSM cares to acknowledge thus the rise of the New Media with a touch of gray, AM Radio.

Update: Here are some more related links
Amir Taheri here and here on Iran and Syria
George Jonas on the modern liberal mindset
James Arlendson at The American Thinker explains the difference in Christ and Mohamed
The American Spectater has some good ones, here, here and here, Jed Babbin's on pushing back is really good.

Good Morning

Have a wonderful weekend, full of life and ambition, a new sunrise is happening!

Friday, January 13, 2006

A Rockin' Friday To All

Sam Alito in fine style destroyed the braintrust of the loonyleft so I am celebrating tonight. We have so much to be thankful for that sometimes it becomes a waste of brainpower to extrapolate on the negative. Heck I am being quoted in a negative light on loonbat sites, that is a reason to celebrate in itself, I always wanted a hate club. I hope my fellow conservative bloggers have the same reaction and don't try to passify the crybabies, let them whine, it shows their lack of inovative ideas beyond taxing the rich to pay for their failed and bankrupt policies of decades pass. I have attempted sane policy and economic discussion and was left astounded at the sheer lack of common sense or even a minor basis in sound economic policy by their hyperactive posters, ADHD, Ridalin prescriptions are in order. I like a challenge, arguing with a brick is not one of them. I prefer to challenge the GOP leadership to distance itself from K street. I signed on to NZ Bear's blogger petition for openness in the leadership battle in the House. We have too much to accomplish to be tainted by corruption and ties to idiots like Abramhoff. Of course Hugh Hewiit and Michelle Malkin are great resources for this drive for squeaky clean transparency in the GOP. Now is not the time to rest on our laurels, now is the time for the real dirty work of expanding the base, disecting lies, putting forth sound policy, and growing our majority in both houses. I am a fiscal conservative first and foremost and the ridiculous pork spending must stop, Senator Stevens, your state can afford to build that bridge on its own. He is but one of 500 plus representatives that need to be checked by us the people. Spending bothers me far more than NSA wiretaps of AQ or abortion rights being returned to the states or even fags getting "married"(they will never be married in the Lord's eyes). I am far more worried about the fiscal state of America, though social policies do play a crucial role in fiscal responsibilty. The more we can remove government intrusion into our paychecks and daily lives the better off we will be. We small government conservatives need to become as loud and obnoxious as CodePink, MoveOn, PAW, NOW and the rest of their ilk. Socialism does not work, the government cannot provide for all without hurting the productive, observe Canada, France, Germany and the rest of old Europe, in contrast to the flat tax free market reforms of eastern Europe and their staggering growth.
I did not intend this post to become a Goat rant, after all it is Friday and we should enjoy our lead up to a long weekend for government workers, means less traffic for those of us that actually work for america.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Moving On Up

I must be moving on up as a conservative blogger, my posts are getting copied and fisked by Air America drones, , what a true honor. It means I am hitting them where it hurts, right in their overworked moral equivalency and socialist love affair. I read their comments and visit their blogs, I just don't post their comments, no reason to let the world see such insults here, they can find them there. In otherwords, no free advertisement for there inclusive hate philosophy. I don't hate classic liberalism, in many ways I am one, in the Scoop Jackson, Harry Truman ,JFK and Zell Miller mold, though classic liberalism has been taken over by socialists and anything goes social liberalists more interested in licentiousness than policy that is good for all the people, not just a chosen minority. The way I see it we are all equal in that we have the same oppurtunity to succeed if we work hard and seek advancement, no paying job is a deadend job unless you want it to be. A gay man has all the same rights as I do, a black man has all the same rights I do, a woman has all the same rights I do, plus they claim special rights. The gay wants to be protected by special "hate crime " laws, the black wants preferential treatment in collegiate admissions, and women want to kill an unborn baby I would be sent to prison for killing. I am a Christian, can I file hate crime legislation because Jesus has been removed from Christmas? Can I file for sexual harrasment if a fag makes a move on me? Can I sue black African nations for holding european whites as slaves? I want equal rights, not special rights for select groups.
I want to start a new group, Former Rockers With Bad Hair, we are victims since we did not become famous because of our bad hair eventhough our music stank. That should be a sizable minority if I remember the eightys correctly.

PS: Tis the season of overheated liberal seminar posting, getting their talking points and nastiness from their centers of power, the big money of George Soros and Hollywood such wonderful influences.

Update: What would these whiners do without us conservatives actually getting things done? Like fine wine, the conservative movement gets better with time as bad barrels like Abramhoff get thrown out. Will the DNC do the same to the unions? I seriously doubt it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Our dreams should be as vast and enduring as the desert such as those of our founders.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Twenty years ago I was pushing a broom at a now defunct shop for minimum wage in Alabama, now I am a foreman at one of the top custom glass shops in California and a homeowner here. I took responsibilty for my life and worked hard so I could be better compensated for my labor. No government or union helped me nor did I seek that route, I just went to work. I hear all sorts of grumbles and moans about "living wage" and no concerns about work ethic, such as showing up and doing the assigned job to the best of ones abilities despite what it is. I got my semi-cushy position because I took on the jobs noone else would do and did them correctly. I believe most americans work hard, set goals and find ways to achieve them.
That is why I am optomistic about '06 and the conservative movement, we set goals and work to achieve them. The DNC has clearly showed it is a party of opposition and extreemism, just listening to clips of the Alito hearings shows this. Biden, Fienstien and company do not represent me, they showed themselves to be totally inept in Con. law and in Kennedy's case unable to get past his own gin flatulated comments without burping , clearly intoxicated by more than his own hubris. Do they really think they are fooling anyone other than there socialist base?
Cindy Sheehan and Sean Spicolli Penn were in town over the weekend and even the Sac'to Bee did not mention or cover it that I saw. I learned about it at Little Green Footballs, a blog that roasts the MSM for lunch. Dang it, I would love to have attended wearing a lizardoid tee from LGF and blogged on it, sadly I did not know. I guess it was a private rant and did not want tough questioning of Mama Moonbat. "Gag me with a spoon", do we want a faux "valley girl" to dominate national debate on defense and terrorism? I don't think so, fellow conservatives, fiscal and social, we cannot let the DNC even think of regaining power. 2005 was a rough year with natural disaster at every turn in the midst of a global war. We need wise shepherds and and sheepdogs to lead not defeatist losers. 2006, we must prove why we are the winning team once again!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Some Monday Quotes

"While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue then they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader." —Samuel Adams
"To live in the presence of great truths and eternal laws, to be led by permanent ideals—that is what keeps a man patient when the world ignores him, and calm and unspoiled when the world praises him." —Honore de Balzac
"For Christians, being attacked is one of the realities of life. The secular world, and The New York Times in particular, detest us because we stand for absolute truth. But our response to attacks like this is to overcome evil with good. For all of its faults, the Times now and then expresses grudging admiration for the human rights work evangelicals perform in the trenches. We need to strengthen our witness there and continue defending the truth. We also ought to keep a sense of humor when we are attacked like this." —Chuck Colson
"'Life getting worse' is myth No.1 because in TV newsrooms, I hear a constant whine about life getting worse: avian flu will kill us if terrorism doesn't get us first; crime and pollution keep increasing, and the poor are suffering. But in truth, life keeps getting better. We live longer than ever, and with less pain (think about dental care in the 1960s). Crime is down. In America, even poor people have homes, cars, and access to music and other entertainment that was once only available to royalty. Pollution? The air and water keep getting cleaner. I jumped in the Hudson River not long ago to illustrate the point. There I was, swimming away and looking up at the Empire State building. Despite eight million people flushing nearby, the health department says swimming in the Hudson is now perfectly safe. Despite all the complaints from the media, life keeps getting better. Let's complain less and enjoy 2006." —John Stossel
"Wartime conditions are, in every case, a test of military skill and national resolve. But this is especially true in the war on terror. Four years ago, President Bush told Congress and the country that the path ahead would be difficult, that we were heading into a long struggle, unlike any we have ever known. All this has come to pass. We have faced, and are facing today, enemies who hate us, who hate our country, and who hate the liberties for which we stand. They dwell in the shadows, wear no uniform, and have no regard for the laws of warfare, and feel unconstrained by any standard of morality. We've never had a fight like this—and those of us in positions of responsibility have a duty to wage a broad-scale effort for the sake of the nation's freedom and our security." —Vice President Dick Cheney

"[L]et us thank God for life and the blessings He's put before us. High among them are our families, our freedom, and the opportunities of a new year. Let us renew our faith that as free men and women we still have the power to better our lives, and let us resolve to face the challenges of the new year holding that conviction firmly in our hearts. That, after all, is our greatest strength and our greatest gift as Americans." —Ronald Reagan

Courtesy of The Federalist Patriot

Sunday, January 08, 2006


So what is going to happen? Sharon will survive but it is likely he will be unable to return to his post as PM. Sharon is/was a politcal dynamo understanding what was needed to bring peace to his country, under his leadership terrorist attacks on innocents have greatly been reduced in Israel from the height of the recent Intifada. As Amir Taheri points out, Israel needs to declare victory in all the recent wars for its protection it has fought and mark its boundaries, with a fence if need be, Sharon was doing this by the force of his own will and as this writer points out possibly damaging Israeli politics in the process. Krauthammer is not so optimistic in his assessment, all I know is Israel is crucial for the freeworld to defend. Israel and greater mesopotamia, Iraq. They harbor the history of the Judeo/Christo/Islamo world, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt,Iran are all the center of what was once the birth place of civilization. Islam being the youngest of the tribes of Abraham found a false prophet that rewrote scripture at his whim of the moment and led a tribe of pirates to near world domination. Victor Davis Hanson can chronicle those old battles better than I, as well as Serge Trifkovic's "The Sword of The Prophet" and Dr. Spencer's "Jidad Watch.org".
Those that have been here a while know my favorite Founder's speech, Patrick Henry's, and not the abbreviated version. Yes, fellow Barnyard denizens, it is time to mount up. It is time to stand for the defense of Western Civilization once again and the freedom it represents. It is not the fault of our NSA, for monitoring calls , it is the fault of those that want to kill us simply for being infidels to their particular faith. Well they encounter a Scots/Irish ideology bred for war and steeped in freedom and honor, read James Webb's outstanding book "Born Fighting" to catch a glimpse of the fire that still burns with white hot intensity. My gut rages that I cannot be on the battlefield with the Marines, Soldiers, and Airmen that allow me to rest comfortable at night.
Imagine living in Israel or Bagdad as normal working folk? Would you go to that bombed out Walmart or Vegan co-op? They do, the more I read ,I find a remarkable people ripe for freedom and a chance to live.
What will happen with Iran, Israel, Iraq and the rest of the middle east, only history will show and we are in historic times. Me, I will always hold my cup half-full, the optimist, as the second wave of media warriors.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

A few pictures from my trip across america, I wish I had more time to stop and shoot some of the ghost towns, historical sites and other treasures such as The Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest National Parks
Endless miles of high plains stretch though Texas and Oklahoma
Indian territories and miles of awesome sandstone formations
The mesalands of new Mexico and Arizona, the view from a rest area along I40, my favorite part of the trip.
Oklahoma sunrise
Arizona sunset

The high desert of California, the black ground in the fore is ancient lava flows, quite prevalent in the area

Friday, January 06, 2006


My nutty niece ensonced in the joy of a three year old's Christmas. My cable modem was one of the items stolen recently so forgive the picture quality, I am dealing with dialup in the interlude. It is all about her now, so much" joy de vivre" in such a little body. I am a very proud uncle of this little dynamo, an amazing little girl. I could sing her praises for days as a doting uncle. I live on an airplane in California according to her, now I live in a truck and an airplane after I drove back this year. I want to be the best uncle she can have, so suggestions and tips from other inlaws and parents are desired. A young Mia Hamm, her favorite gift was an old soccerball of mine found while my mom and sister combine houses, she is a little tomboy already with full feminine guile, they learn early. She is far,far ahead of others her age I know, a natural leader, she amazed me by the day.

Update; I picked up a new cable modem so now I am back in business.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Too Easy

The MSM makes it to easy for us to bash them, I wonder if they will learn. Their latest being the inaccurate reporting on the tragic mining accident, the Lord's grace to those involved. Despite my status as a lowly blue state conservative workerbee I seem to be better informed than those that attempt to give me the news. The Sacramento Bee is horrible and I have read a newspaper or two from around the country. I love newspapers, I am an almost daily consumer, less since I became wired to the Internet. I just get my news with less paper involved, thus fewer trees, being a nature freak. I am reading them even less now because of the obvious slant to partisan politics. They haven't gotten a story right in ages, why believe them? Even the venerated AP is coming up short in this age of blogs and webzines. We can scan many editorial pages in minutes with no mess of Macy's ads. I want hard fact checked news, not partisan 'gotcha' games and spin, real news, up to date and honest. I believe in good journalism, a considered career still, a belief that inquiring minds want to know and learn, I am one of those inquiring minds.
I am constantly amazed at the folks I meet online from CEOs to stay at home moms, equally tough jobs. I have met lunatics and modern day philosophers of the first class, wolves, sheepdogs and sheep. The Internet has truelly enabled a national conversation between total strangers, an awesome thing. The ability to interact and converse with hundreds of strangers, think about it, it is an unreal ability, unknown till now.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Great Poem

A really cool poem from a fellow patriot:

Force Multipliers
Force MultipliersWikipedia: force multiplier-a military term referring to a factor that dramatically increases (hence multiplies) the combat-effectiveness of a given military force. In Iraq an IED explodes,

An American soldier dies,
But that blast will grow as the media blow
It up before our eyes.
And trumpet to the watching world,
These fifth column falsifiers,
Like sheep they bleat we face defeat,
Our foe’s force multipliers.
Osama and his minions know,
In combat they can’t beat us;
So they hope and pray will come a day,
Our own media will defeat us.
Ignoring all the good we’ve done,
Liberals focus on the gore,
On losses mounting and body counting,
To prove we’ve lost this war.
They disgraced us once in Vietnam,
So now these leftists feel,
That again they’ll win with media spin,
And make America kneel.
But defeatists aren’t the only ones,
Learned lessons from the past;
Back then we swore we’d lose no more,
This time we’re standing fast.
The Internet’s exposed them,
As elitist media liars;
They stand unclothed and widely loathed,
Our foe’s force multipliers.
Some day when all our troops return,W
ith Iraq on freedom’s path,
The liberal elite who sought defeat,
May face some Righteous wrath.

Russ Vaughn2d Bn,
327th Parachute Infantry Regiment101st Airborne DivisionVietnam 65-66

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Plus ce Change, Plus ce le Meme Chose

Roughly translated as 'the more that things change, the more the stay the same' , this old french colloquialism still carries weight today. As Victor Davis Hanson points out in is his latest article we have lost a sense of history and fail to learn from or understand its implications on the future. Going further Mark Steyn explores the declining birthrates of the "civilized" and the explosion in the "third world" of Islamism. There are predictions and look backs galore in all forms of media. 2005 was a profound year of optimism amongst the gloom painted by the MSM, most notably elections in Iraq and Afganistan, the outpouring of American generosity in the face of tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, and terrorist evil.
2005 saw the passing of John Paul, a man than embodied human suffering to continue his message of "Do not be afraid". I am not Catholic though he had a deep effect on my life through the little I read and learned of him so profound was his life. We saw the rise of Cardinal Ratzinger to take the name of Benedict, a true bulldog/sheepdog in the Doug Giles definition.
I had much time to contemplate things over six days on the road crossing america, its incredible beauty, its vast emptiness, the idiocy of the loonyleft and the rightness of american conservatism. In over 72 hours on the road about 90 minutes of that was urban driving, ie. suburbs or cities. Driving I-40 most of the way is a vision of high plains and desert mountains with solitary houses and small communities as mere stars on the vastness. My point is the megalopolis liberal enviromental activists only see LA ,NY and the "Gay Bay" on their flyover flights, all filled by like minded neurotic city folk. I saw from Bakersfield, Ca. to B'ham, Al. a vast swatch of america void of people except us on the highway.
I say let them pack themselves into their cities and not have children and in one generation or so they will be gone as Mark Steyn points out with his unique flair.

"As fertility shrivels, societies get older—and Japan and much of Europe are set to get older than any functioning societies have ever been. And we know what comes after old age. These countries are going out of business—unless they can find the will to change their ways"

A country boy will survive depite the best efforts of the metrosexual feminist trend. I may not have a church to attend though I am a Christian and willing to fight and die for my God, my country and my family.

Update: I had to add this piece by George Jonas on the Idiot Savant, I guess why I prefer to know a little about alot than be an expert on little after all that's what experts are for. I'll stick to common barnyard sense, thank you.