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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hello All You Sick, Twisted, Freaky, Morons

I guess its time to come in off the water, with lots of big bass in the skillet, and get the Barnyard back in order since election season is coming around and the Dems need to have their walking papers handed to them by us, the people, their damn bosses. Don't worry the old goat has kept himself informed about all the antics going on in DC these past few months and none of it has surprised him since he predicted it from the get go about two years ago. I am glad Glenn Beck has finally caught up with what I was telling y'all back then.

Anyway I have been catching up on my long put off reading list and have been devouring books at a breakneck speed, some political and some a mixture of politics and pleasure. As any of the malcontents that have kept up with me over the years know, I am always interested in politics and Special Forces warfare so that lead me to quite a few fantastic authors that weren't on my original list. I went through Vince Flynn's spy thrillers like his ace Mitch Rapp does our enemies , we need a few more like him for real, and expanded from there. Next was Marcus Luttrell and "Lone Survivor", awesome story about a lone SEAL team survivor against incredible odds.

That got me interested in the SEALS, our baddest and best warriors, so I read Roy"SEAL founder" Boehm's ,"The First Seal" which sent me on to Richard Marcincko's "Rogue Warrior" series, so I have been reading like a half crazed madman for the last few months. I can say all these books are excellent if you want a behind the scenes look at SpecOps. I can say our Spec Op Warriors have a special place in my heart not far below the Lord.

The Goat is still living and breathing though I know I have been out on the water for an extended period of time . I needed the break after several years of balls to the wall blogging. I am back now so let's see if I lift this derilict farm back into operation...

PS: A shout out to my readers that know my name, I am on Facebook so tap me when you can.