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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hey, Its Almost Friday

A long weekend for many is arriving as we get ready to celebrate the greatest nation on earth and its birth. I for one place alot of stock in our Declaration of Independance, Constitution and Bill of Rights as a constitutional federalist and backed by the Federalist Papers. I recently replied to a detractor that I found credit agencies distribution of our information a much more egregious erosion of my privacy than g-men sniffing around for jihadis that want to blow us up. Anyway heres a couple of good reads . I know this one be by Debbie Schlussel will draw some interesting comments as will Annie's latest.
I agree we with Debbie, our State Dept . needs to turn Israel loose, she goes after Bush and rightly so on this issue.

"That's how the country got itself into the position it is in. It constantly makes empty deals with terrorists with Uncle Sam demanding it. And never learns its lesson, nor does its U.S. taskmaster, which continues requiring more from the tiny besieged State. Imagine if our country released all terror suspects at Guantanamo, plus most of those in U.S. Prisons--including the Blind cleric who was involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing--as a goodwill gesture to Bin Laden" D.S.
Go Annie Go!
"Maybe treason ended during the Vietnam War when Jane Fonda sat laughing and clapping on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down American pilots. She came home and resumed her work as a big movie star without the slightest fear of facing any sort of legal sanction.
Fast forward to today, when New York Times publisher "Pinch" Sulzberger has just been named al-Qaida's "Employee of the Month" for the 12th straight month.
Before the Vietnam War, this country took treason seriously." A.C.

Annie is who she is and you can love her or hate her but you won't change her.I would pay good money to see a debate between Ann and Maureen Dowd, spinstress of the NYT. I know we have our fair share of fair ladies on the GOP side of things. I will take Michelle Malkin over Susan Estrich anyday, brains, wit, beauty and talent, what more could a guy ask for? The left has some lookers till they open their mouths and expose what they lack, brains, some call them celebrities.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Two Cents For Tuesday

I am Tahoe bound tomorrow to finish some custom work in a prominent Sactown citizen's ski chalet, life is good. I like the rich, they pay us well and I/we return in service. The trades in america are hurting for young folks willing to learn to be a craftsman in a trade that will provide for them and a family always. I started at minimum wage some twenty odd years ago and now I am a master tradesman/journeyman currently doing work for some of the wealthiest people in California. My point is our youth need to understand the value of a trade as opposed to sales/retail, white collar or warehouse. The trades pay far better but you have to start at the bottom, with some break for experience. You get to sweat, get dirty, and play with power tools all day, you know, Tim the Toolman, LOL.
Tonight's must read comes from the OPJ, actually they have two , here and here. The following is from the second link.

"It is certainly true that learning about evils perpetrated in other times in other countries can too easily lead to a comfortable sense of moral superiority. That can, in its own way, undo what might otherwise be a teaching moment. All the same, however, things are not all the same. If the Gulag is interesting only as a means of turning a mirror on the injustices of our own penal system, it is arguably not interesting at all. The Gulag was, and is, a reductio ad absurdum of sorts of the Soviet system itself. It was where "counterrevolutionary" elements were sent to learn the virtues of work and of collectivism, but the lesson was predominantly that of man's inhumanity to man. All prisoners were slowly starved to death, and those too weak to work were starved faster than the strongest. Thus the weak grew weaker and the strong stronger. The overwhelming impression at the heart of the Gulag exhibit is just this--that cruel and arbitrary power lay at the heart of a system that purported to redress inequalities but instead etched them in stone."
Brian Carney

Read them both.
The New York Times and any other MSM agent that prints or otherwise damages our war effort should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, that is my opinion of the latest "disclosure" by the Time, dispicable. I knew this program existed, why broadcast it to the enemy?

Monday, June 26, 2006

A Good Start

Here are some quotes courtesy of the Federalist Patriot to start your week of right, pun intended, like Duh.
"With hearts fortified with these animating reflections, we most solemnly, before God and the world, declare, that, exerting the utmost energy of those powers, which our beneficent Creator hath graciously bestowed upon us, the arms we have been compelled by our enemies to assume, we will, in defiance of every hazard, with unabating firmness and perseverance employ for the preservation of our liberties; being with one mind resolved to die freemen rather than to live as slaves."-- John Dickinson and Thomas Jefferson
(Declaration of the Cause and Necessity of Taking up Arms, 6 July 1775)Reference: Documents of American History, Commager, ed., vol. 1(95)
"A free people [claim] their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate." —Thomas Jefferson (ed:Could this apply to the GLBT agenda, to propogate through the court system rather than the naturally impossible?)
"It is not bigotry to insist that there is a good reason why marriage has existed in every known human society, and why it has always involved the uniting of men and women. It is not bigotry to acknowledge what reams of scholarship confirm: Family structure matters, and children are more likely to suffer problems when they are not raised by their married mothers and fathers. It is not bigotry to resist the dishonest comparison of same-sex marriage to interracial marriage—skin color has nothing to do with wedlock, while sex is fundamental to it. And it is not bigotry to fear that a social change as radical as same-sex marriage could lead to grave and unintended consequences, from the persecution of religious institutions to a growing clamor for legalizing polygamy." —Jeff Jacoby
"[T]he Marxist vision of man without God must eventually be seen as an empty and a false faith...first proclaimed in the Garden of Eden with whispered words of temptations: 'Ye shall be as gods.' The crisis of the Western World, Whittaker Chambers reminded us, exists to the degree in which it is indifferent to God. 'The western World does not know it,' he said about our struggle, 'but it already possesses the answer to this problem—but only provided that its faith in God and the freedom He enjoins is as great as communism's faith in man.' This is the real task before us: to reassert our commitment as a nation to a law higher than our own, to renew our spiritual strength. Only by building a wall of such spiritual resolve can we, as a free people, hope to protect our own heritage and make it someday the birthright of all men." —Ronald Reagan
"[T]he most significant portent for the Dems may not be their stupendous flopperoo in the California special election nor the death of Zarqawi nor the non-indictment of Karl Rove—though, taken together, they render pretty threadbare the Democrat strategy of relying on Republican immigration splits, bad news in Iraq and the GOP's 'culture of corruption.' No, the revealing development is Joe Lieberman's troubles in Connecticut. Six years ago, he was the party's beaming vice presidential nominee. Two years ago, he was an also-ran for the presidential nomination. This summer, he's an incumbent senator struggling not to lose in his own primary to a candidate who's the darling of the anti-war netroots left. What's the senator done to offend the base? Nothing—except be broadly supportive of the Iraq campaign and other military goals in the war on terror. He's one of a very few Democrats who give the impression they'd like America to win. But in today's Democratic Party it's the mainstream that gets marginalized. Forty years ago, George Aiken recommended that in Vietnam America 'declare victory and go home.' Today, the likes of Jack Murtha, John Kerry and Ted Kennedy have come up with their own ingenious improvement: Declare defeat and go home." —Mark Steyn
Have a good week!
It seems the moonbat gang-bangers can't handle the Barnyard as they cut and ran even after I threw them a few hot links. Beyond the occassional smart ass(banned and deleted), they seem rather voiceless and stuck , even their attacks on me on their sites hold no water. What's Up?
The recent WMD story is old news, I blogged on it months ago. If you pay attention and know where to look being months ahead of the MSM and even the Pols is not hard to do. I may be a small time blogger but I ingest a huge amount of info before voicing an opinion as ascerbic as it may be. I predict the left is toast, stale melba toast.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday Grill

I got a hankering for some ribs so I slow smoked a rack and shared with the neighbors. It made your tongue slap your ears to get every bit. I can brag about few things but my ribs I will standup against anybody.
I will be on radio with Lorez tonight between 10 and 11 to discuss the GWOT and the coverage by the MSM, the blogospere and other alternative media. Who do you believe? I use a wide range of sources, many MSM, brought to my attention by alternative media. The Fourth Estate still has a valuable role to play, they just have a growing legion of fact checkers and analysts keeping an eye on stupid agenda driven journalism, ie; Rathergate.
Some of my favorite analysis of big stories comes from the blogosphere, not the ranters but those like Hugh Hewitt, Powerline, Captain's Quarters, Belmont Club and many milbloggers that deliver insider thought. I also find what my lesser known friends have accomplished, interesting, the fact I have return readers amazes me. Information gets moved between strangers on a level never seen before and it will only advance and get faster as time goes by. Get on board or get be left behind!
Oh boy, Sen . George Allen is on Road to the Whitehouse, he is better than I remembered, he is great, he and Mitt Romney will be unstoppable. Newt also taking the Contract back on the road will also help deliver GOP success. Sen. Allen does face a tough challenge from one of my favorite authors and former Navy Sec., James Webb. I highly recommend his book "Born Fighting"

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Its a Heat Wave

It takes trained sheepdogs to keep the flock together.
It got hot here today, the yard is mowed, a side job is complete and I am beat. I have to say somebody really likes me or hates me at some site called Norbizness. I haven't figured them out yet though very libertarian seems the bend. I could be called a libertarian Conservative, for example , I have zero problems with medical marijuana and would vote for it again. I am center right not hard right except on issues previously listed, God, Country, Family, Guns, and Gays.
I do not like the cut/paste/comment style of debate as employed by several of my liberal friends. I am capable of engaging in conversation without my words being repeated. Copy and paste with an attached snide, inane comment is not debate, it is toss and snicker. Please do comment and bring something when you do. I love to learn and am a political and developing history junkie, I admit it. I lean to the right, center right, you know common sense not socialism and I must say I find the left quite entertaining with their conspiracy theories and victomhood methodology. I am willing to carry on a conversation not a copy/paste/snipe fest. I welcome the comments, just use a more journalistic readable style. I won't curse you or call you names other than moonbat or derivatives and I am an admitted wingnut redneck. Post away just be civil, the only person ever banned supported child sex and he will remain banned and deleted upon contact
Tonights must read.

Friday, June 23, 2006

A Strange Quiet

My calender at work proclaims June to be Gay Pride month and I have to wonder at the notable abscence of gay "events" or press coverage. I am not complaining, I am wondering if they got our message? What they do in their bedrooms is their business, once it comes onto the streets and into policy it becomes the public's business. It seems sexual degenerates are still not welcome in polite society. In highschool we studied how the moral bankruptcy of the Greek and Roman empires brought them down. Wealthy men had enuques, castrated boys, as play things so as not to risk impregnation of their wives. Orgies were common in the baths of Rome, how ironic Rome became the center of Christian power. I rarely comment on the homosexual issues but I had to note their relative silence during their "Pride" month.
The Liberals have become so cloistered that they believe we all think as their clique does, sorry , it doesn't work that way. Those of us that don't frequent the coffee shops of Seattle, San Fagcisco or New York have a slightly different perspective on life and it is good. When you aren't crowded into concrete canyons the world is less dismal, and alot more open, with trees and meadows even. I guess if I lived in a big city I would be neurotic as well having lived in LA and San Jose. LA was alright as I lived just blocks from the National Forest, I hated San Jose as an urban nightmare though the coast range and Castle Rock SP are gorgeous. There is also some great wine tasting to be had around Saratoga and Los Gatos.
Speaking of wine , the bottle of the evening is a Luchesi 'Masque', a Bordeoux blend and very big, it could sit for a while. This is a Nevada City winery and one of the best of the foothill makers, all their wines are very big and will age very well.
Tom McClintock is the CaGOP bright star and is Arnie's running mate and our conservative voice while Arnold has to walk a political tightrope which he has done an enviable job of. I do believe if anybody can revive the GOP here in Ca. it is Tom. He has no national aspirations , he wants to help fix California and he has a plan to do it. They collectively took about 60% of the vote in the recall election, could the GOP be regaining a footing through California's eastern red counties with rapid developement?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mitt Romney, The Talk of The Town.

Welcome Iowans for Romney, you will find many like minded individuals here as we have been promoting Mitt for a while now. Hopefully my Boston counterpart will recover from her Carribean daze to comment soon, we have been discussing Mitt for a few years now and if you are a fan, you are at the right place, post away.
I remain convinced the DNC can't touch the GOP majority as long as we stay active and positive with our message and don't get discouraged by a negative MSM reporting which tilts heavily to the left.
Do they really want us to fail in Iraq just so they can get power back? The DNC as run by Howard Dean seems bent on that track, does GOP failure actually equal votes for a defeatist agenda of cut and run chickens and donkeys? I don't think so as recent votes in congress held the line.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


What am I to believe as a a loyal conservative when the moonbats won't answer a simple question as posed in my previous post . Does the left really want to follow a Marxist socialist trend? This article may be of interest by Armstrong Williams.

What most people don't know is that Marx was an out and out racist and anti-Semite. He didn't think much of Mexicans. Concerning the annexation of California after the Mexican-American War, Marx wrote: "Without violence nothing is ever accomplished in history." Then he asks, "Is it a misfortune that magnificent California was seized from the lazy Mexicans who did not know what to do with it?" Friedrich Engels, Marx's co-author of the "Manifesto of the Communist Party," added, "In America we have witnessed the conquest of Mexico and have rejoiced at it. It is to the interest of its own development that Mexico will be placed under the tutelage of the United States." Much of Marx's ideas can be found in a book written by former communist Nathaniel Weyl, titled "Karl Marx, Racist" (1979).

The left lavishes its praise on Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, what else am I to think about their Marxist afflictions? Why are they so afraid to admit it? I am not ashamed to admit I am a constitutional federalist, after all we are a constitutional republic with an elected representative democracy. I wonder why they, the moonbat left that is, keep getting out voted on election day? Could it be that American's are not into Marx, (read USSR, aka. Russia) ? This is why the GOP will pick up not lose seats this year and next cycle as well.
The gauntlet is thrown, how will the the left respond? I bet they shoot for the victimhood methodology they are so fond and adept at. It has also grown very tiresome on the electorate that does not play that game, just works hard everyday and wants their hours worked to reflect it through lower taxes. I am for abolishing the IRS and having a consumption tax as supported in the Federalist Papers. Tax me on what I spend not what I earn or own (property taxes) or pass to my heirs.
It never hurts to pass the evening with the likes of Ottmar Liebert, Armik, Al DiMeola and Jesse Cooke either, that is if you enjoy incredible latin jazz guitar. Oh, I could name many more as it is possibly my favorite music genre along with the metal classical fusion of Yngvie Malmsteen.
New Mitt Romney fans visiting , we are a Mitt friendly site as my co-blogrette is a Bostonian Mitt activist and GOP hack working for the party. She is still recovering from her vacation in the Carribian, apparently.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I Ask You

So lefties , please explain, since I saw a few Evan Bayh supporters about. Welcome to the Barnyard, I might add, we discuss policy among other things here and all I ask is a semi-polite rancor, no cussing or blatant name calling (ie; loonbat and wingnut are ok, references to the Third Reich, racism, or any other namecalling by the left will be dealt with by deletion, or having their words edited for humorous purposes). Howard Dean talking points will be taken down with a zeal. I don't discourage variant thought, I strongly discourage impolite discourse and strongly encourage such varying opinion, just be civil. Inane drivel will not be responded to and may be deleted, so be relevant or informative.


Does this sign represent the Democratic Party, as the DNC seems to have embraced the people that carry these signs? If this is the direction they have chosen , they can kiss their political donkey's ass goodbye. Two of our soldiers were just brutalized by savages and the left wants to whine about women's panties and standing still as torture, let alone their catcalls about 'Gitmo. I guarantee those prisoners ate better than I did over the last two years as a first time home owner. Thanks to the alternative media the left is finally exposed for what they are, power hungry socialists that could care less about America as long as they are in charge, free to install euro-socialism. Need they be reminded that Europe is falling behind thanks to socialism, and they want those same failing policies here, PsssHaaawww.


I am glad to see Newt Gingrich out stumping for the GOP as he carries our policy message extremely well considering he led the '94 charge. I am a firm believer conservatives can wrestle victory away from the limp spined DNC if we show our backbone. The left wants to make the election about executive incompetence while winning a war with a strong economy intact. We are taking the election to home court and if we follow Newt's formula we should be able to add to our majority not lose it as the MSM so desires. Yes it does come down to God, guns, gays, property rights, freedom from terrorism and a right to life though all we really need is less taxes and a smaller less intrusive, less controlling government. I am a firm believer in the free market and its ability to control pricing through supply and demand.


Mitt Romney is still my man with George Allen as running mate, Mitt's religious leanings mean nothing to his abilities as a fiscal genious and other awesome qualities. This is the '08 combo I will work hardest for, as it is our strongest ticket. I will break the mold and predict a contest against Evan Bayh and Barack Obama or Hillary. Hillary can't win, poll after poll shows at least 45% of the electorate would vote against her just because she is Hillary Clinton. If the GOP can actually control spending they will have no problem with retention, that is a big IF.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Weekend Rambler

On Politics, I am listening Evan Bayh speak on Cspan and in my opinion he smokes the rest of the Dem speakers I have heard. He and Barack Obama are both good but this guy is very good, very Kennedyesque in the JFK mold, it will be between he and Hillary for the center left vote, Kerry and the rest will run left. I also just heard Karl Rove addressing a conservative crowd and I do believe the GOP is on a track to maintain if not advance our majority and he laid it out quite concisely and he is free from indictment worries to proceed with election year politics and platform building.
I know in two special elections to maintain GOP seats here in liberal Ca. the GOP put two reform conservatives in the house. I am actually excited for this year as we get a little rumble going in prelude to "08", exposing the left will be fun. Fellow conservative's all we have to do is remember the lesson's of the '80, '92, '94, '98, '00, '02, '03(Ca. recall), and '04. We can win as long as we remember those lessons.
Don't miss this fascinating interview with Victoria Nuland on Cspan's Q&A, transcript, video., She is our Ambassador to NATO and sharp as a tack, check it out.

Weekend Rambler

What a brutal layout at Winged Foot for the US Open, it was an ugly final round. Michelson lost the tournament on the last hole with a double bogey he could have avoided by playing safe and keeping the ball in play so he gave the Title to Ogilvy at +5. That is the highest score I can remember in a Major for a while, nobody wanted to win it. The pack was tight and nobody was able to bring in a great round to take the Cup, I'd say the course won this Open.
I went and played a really nice mature layout hidden nearby today and my two years off showed. I putted well and the rust will quickly polish off the rest of my game. It was nice to be back out on the course after that long a lay off. I have played very little since I moved to Ca. preferring to go play in the mountains instead and the extremely high greens fees kept me away. Now that I have found Plumas Lake nearby with a reasonable price and a great layout I will be chasing that little white ball around a bit more again. It is fairly open and inviting to big hitters with a creek and many big oaks coming into play on many holes. Small bent grass greens and ample bunkers make play on and around the greens interesting, requiring an ample bag of tricks. I love this game of golf and was quite good before I moved, me Pops and I played every chance we got, often riding around for 54 holes or more.
Pops was really good, near scratch and a HS coach, and tought me how to play the game not just hit the ball. Hitting the ball is the easy part, managing your game against the course is the hard part and if money is involved, your temper. That is the part Pops tought me, management of my game, I wish he could have been with me today, he would have enjoyed the course. I will miss him always.
I did play with a couple laddies out with their pops, I would guess about 12 and 15 and they were good, very good. The 15 yr old is capable of playing in the 70s and is long and the 11yr old was longer off the tee than many men I have played with. We played from the white tees and both beat me easily and I didn't play to badly, we had alot of fun. I was not put off by their ability at all but excited by it and thouroughly enjoyed playing with them. I expect to see both these boys on the tour in a few years. It was heartening to see so many young faces on the course today playing so well, turns out there is a youth tournament next week. The lad behind us shot a 69, he looked about 17, that is a good score on this course. I also heard rumblings of an 11yr old young lady with a near flawless game getting ready for the tournament, it seems Tiger's coattails are proving strong and so is the future of golf's stars.
Thanks to Dads

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Lady and the Tramp

Such a classic cartoon by Disney, I happened upon it tonight as they are promoting the sequel. I enjoyed it as a kid and I am thouroughly enjoying it now. The lessons of young adult hood are replete with the draw of freedom and the consequences of responsibility for abusing that freedom. I would bet on the sequel doing well at the box office, with an adorable Scamp son of Tramp taking the lead on his adventure.
Probably my all-time favorite of the great disney movies of that era is "The Jungle Book" which of course led me to more Rudyard Kipling, Zane Grey, Jack London and beyond. "The Swiss Family Robinson" runs a close second especially for the adventurous free spirit and self reliance. I have to wonder why more movies are not made of that caliber anymore since they make good money.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Night View

There are reasons why
we may travel barren ground in the venture, to reach great heights requires effort.
I am on the way to that view.
Palisades region, the High Sierra.
The Barnyard's first anniversary has past on the 15th, hard to believe, eh.?
For a good laugh this is worth a click over, from a random reader.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Time to start Talking California

The CaGOP has put together a strong ticket this year and by putting forth their worst candidates for the gubernatorial seats the Dems showed themselves for what they are. Phil Angelides may be a super-liberal but he lacks any curb appeal, where as Arnie is Mr. Curb Appeal. Arnold is smart and IMHO has done a good job with a screwed up legislature. I would say that very much like Mitt Romney, Arnold Schwartzeneger knows money and has spent alot of time talking with Mitt and others about big money management.
The interesting part was the Dems passed on a shoe in for Lt. Gov. in Jackie Spier for another far lefty I can't remember now. This gives Arnie's running mate, Tom MacClintock, our top conservative voice, a better chance and offers a pull to bring conservatives out to vote. In the recall election if you combined Tom's and Arnie's winning tally it was close to 65% of the vote, all hope is not lost in California for the GOP.
We have a message and marketing machine now assembled with much thanks to Arnold, think "Predator" marketing, a Master truelly leads. Here is a little tidbit as well, eastern Ca is gaining in population and is conservative while the gay bay and LA are losing it, legal tax-payers that is. Angelides is an amnesty supporter and so is his running mate, he also seems to have a bit of a MeCHista La Razaish varnish to him after I heard his speech at one of the amnesty rallies in LA. He doesn't stand a chance, he will get the leftist vote but not the huge libertarian indepedant vote out here that killed the last two tax initiatives. We want fiscal responsibility on the State and Federal level, there is plenty of money now, remove the bloat, trim the union fat and eliminate a few hundred government programs that private industry does far better.
I have to say the only tax I can support is a sales tax or consumption tax with zero income taxes what-so-ever. I earned my money, its taking is unconstitutional, however I have no problem paying a tax on what I spend. I see this along with private health and SSI accounts as being a far better alternative than the socialist model. I have far more faith in a free market than I do any government beauracracy to actually know how to use money wisely.
We don't win by sitting on our hands but by booting those that don't place their nose to the grindstone and by replacing them in the primaries and then working to elect that person in the general election. The GOP has gotten increasingly better at that and the results are starting to show.
(ed. previous error in first paragraph corrected, thinking faster than typing)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lets Get Ready To Rumble

Happy Birthday Army! Thanks!
"The name of American, which belongs to you, in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of Patriotism, more than any appellation derived from local discriminations."-- George Washington (Farewell Address, 1796)
First, I must link some great articles from today's Townhall by Ben Shapiro, Brent Bozell, Kathleen Parker and , of course, Michelle Malkin.
I have to find the most entertaining aspect of the "Kossack" conference was their tin-foil hat contest, they are proving us right. If that was their intention, well, it worked. Conservative talk radio has miles of soundbites ready just from the last week from the moaning left. If they really want a slugfest this off-year election, I believe the GOP is more than ready.
I am in a safe district so all I can really do is campaign here for those that need a little help. I know the CaGOP is getting alot of traction after a couple taxbills were shot down by voters. The left keeps wanting to ram the "gay life-style" down our throats under the guise of special rights. I feel Ca.'s huge independant voting base moving right, not left as we are bouncing back from the previous leftward trend as nature equalizes all things .The left is trying to ram three different bills through that advocate indoctrination of children into the gay agenda of normalcy.
Thankfully they won't make it past Arnie, vetoes are promised. The GOP actually has a very strong statewide ballot and the next few months could prove very interesting.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Lowing in the Distance

For those that don't know about cows, lowing is the sounds a large herd makes at night and was a cowboy's tool to tell the nature of the herd. In this case the sound is the moaning from the loony left since Patrick Fitzgerald didn't deliver them Karl Rove on a stick, and their favorite freedom fighter Zarcman found a couple 500 lb Jdams on his noggin. To top it off Iraq's freely elected government is complete and President Bush paid a surprise visit to congratulate Maliki and the Iraqi people. The roar from the troops was enormous when he gave them a job well done slap on the back. I would say their morale is through the roof right now and it should be.
I hope the moonbats raise the shrillness an extra notch, a few more naked bike rides will help. A few more deniac screams would help as well, some more Cindy Sheehan exposure by the MSM would be nice. Please show America more of the true ass that represents a once great party, the donkey is their mascot and they are demonstrating why.
I don't mourn for them, I say keep it up. I would like to increase our majority and their platform almost guarantees it. Time to mount up conservatives, we have a race to run and win for America.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Only In San Francisco

I thought there were laws about exposing yourself in public, called public indecency laws. LGF brought this disturbing bit of news ( hattip:Zombie) and it was apparently OK with the city council to ride around town on bicycles while nude. It was some sort of BDS(Bush Derangement Syndrome) protest of course. These people have no morals what so ever, there is one picture where a little girl gets the total view, these are not office ok pictures, it is porn in public so be caucious about where you open the second link. A previous demonstration of nudity was called "Breasts not Bombs" , what was this Dicks not Sticks? I am hard to disgust and have been a denizen of nude beaches, for the rock climbing, not for glimpses of fat hippie flesh, not a pretty site, trust me. This was on the streets of San Francisco, in the Market district during the day. I seriously doubt they won any supporters in fly over country. What say you?
I am pretty disgusted with San Fagcisco!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


It sometimes becomes a problem when there is so much to write about that deciding becomes an issue, I am at that stage. The Barnyard's one year anniversary is coming up in a few days and I find it hard to believe how much I have typed and how quickly the time has gone. I have learned an enormous amount over the last year while researching to stay informed, really over the last three years since I got a computer. So I thought I would tell the story of where the Barnyard came from and how I became Goat Gruff. The Goat definately came before the Barnyard.
I had just gotten my first laptop as a gift from my dad so we could stay in touch easier through email, I loath talking on the phone. Anyway, I finally got online, watching "The Factor" at the time, I went to Bill O'Reilly's as the first site I went to online and discovered his message board shortly thereafter. I became an avid participant being an opinionated person and made a name for myself, Goat Gruff, given by friends and enemies alike, for my propensity for running headon into loonbat trolls and winning the confrontation. One of them was a homophobic nuthouse, so I was well appreciated on both sides of the table. I was an independant voter though conservative, so I started an open thread called Care to Enter the Barnyard in the politics section. It soon became the one stop shop for the political issues of the day and the only place I posted. I learned the HTML code so I could put in hotlinks and researched the hidden news from the war and elsewhere. It and another thread of mine were doing very well and Hugh Hewitt had just come out with "BLOG" so I said what the heck and opened this site based on the popular thread I had set up there. I was almost immediately booted from the FBZ(Feedback Zone as it was called then) and my thread deleted as it was approaching a record number of comments. I took on everybody, I won some, I lost some and kept it respectful the wholetime.
That brings us to to what you see today, my archives track that story but comments from then have been lost. Nearly thirty conservative commentors in the FBZ were booted about the same time as I was and many of them are still with me today and they are who have helped give me the strength to drive on. They have prayed for me and encouraged me, ladies and gentleman, you know who you are. I thank you sincerely!
Now we got work to do and lots of it, why are you still sittin' there? I said we have alot of work to do. We have holes to fill, fences to be mended and built, and property to be protected. I am speaking literally and figuratively, now get to it.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


That was the sound of a couple 500 lb jdams landing on the Zarkman's head, we got the SOB. Video of the hit and all pertinent information can be found at USCentCom. It appears to be an isolated compound in a vast orchard with an aqueduct nearby so stories of collateral damage are bogus.The response from the left has been amazing, conspiracy theories are abuzz, and all the usual flak. I am beginning to see an electorate move and its not to the left as a result of their off the wall retoric. The negative spin on this milemarker by the MSM is proof of their bias and their total succuming to "Bush Derangement Syndrome" that nothing in his favor is good. With the results from our primaries here in California I am heartened for the conservative vote, I am sure Arnie and our conservative stalwart Tom McClintock can defeat our far left opponents, Phil Angelides and John Garemendi. Jackie Spier at Lt.Gov. for the dems would have been a tougher row to hoe for us. She is smart and a very tough moderate voice for the dems here. Arnie and Tom will run a clean campaign about California's future and how to fix it. I expect a very dirty campaign from Angelides judging from his primary run, from the pro illegal alian socialist side.
To view Ca. as a political map it can be defined as east of the coast range is GOP dominate and west of it is liberal. Considering a population of 35 mil. 75% live in The LA Metro or Bay Area, liberal hotspots, typical of big cities and urban zones. A study of our voting patterns can reflect what can happen nationally and two liberal tax bills were defeated handily as were numerous other local tax bills.
I feel a siesmic shift and the loud and loony left won't like it. This is why they will get shriller and louder for the next few months. The gag I love the most is to claim to be a conservative and your going to vote DNC to teach a lesson, it is an obviously bogus ploy by the lefty seminars. Radio callers that do this or commenters in forums show themselves immediately to be frauds and are quite hilarious to us true conservatives and don't fool us one bit.
I am a member of Arnie's team and with Tom as running mate I will be pushing hard for this ticket, a winner for California.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Primary Results

Picture courtesy of longtime reader GT. California liberals have bloody noses right now, Oh Yeah. This is my idea of a GOP future if we work for it. Conservatism wins votes, now is not the time to shy away.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Primary Tuesday

We had our primaries today, as well as local elections and initiatives. I cannot overstate the importance of voting, it is vital to the rule of law and good governance.
I used a touch screen booth today for the fist time and it was very simple and it had a print out paper record. I had to approve my vote four times with ample ability to change it, I would give it a B+. My problem comes down to the encoding of the card and the person entering the data, only a moron could screw up their vote.

Monday, June 05, 2006

"Pull Me Under"

" I am not afraid." the refrain from one of my favorite songs by Dream Theater. I have my Lord, the Lord Christ, and I am here to help carry His cross. I take the Crusader's Cross in the world of the blogosphere, I will not relent. Remember the spirit of Christ, the sinner is accepted, not the sin.
" I am a viking going out to war" from my favorite group of all time, Rising Force. Think about it.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weekend Roundup

It seems there has been much squawking in the MSM and left wing rant pages about Haditha and an alleged rogue Marine or two killing civilians in cold blood after being bombed and then attacked during initial actions to secure an AQ and Baathist stronghold. There are multiple reports of children throwing grenades at troops and firing on them in some of those towns. AQ is even known to booby trap injured children. There are many circunstances that must be considered before a guilty verdict like Murtha's can be handed down. The Marines take their honor very, very seriously and will get to the bottom of this quickly and if guilty the perpetrators will get the harshest of penalties. If true this is not an act our military deals with kindly nor seeks to coverup. The Marines have a code in which honor plays a huge part and the investigation will reflect that and if guilty so will the punishment.
Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive has taken the Milblogger lead on this, here and here and Greyhawk expounds.
Michael Totten has some more photo essays posted of Lebanon, and Beirut, pretty spectacular in beauty.
My other favorite reporter, on scene, on the middle east, Bill Roggio, is posting from Afganistan for the Counterterrorism blog. They also have much on the terror cells recently busted in Canada and the UK. The ones in in Canada had three times the explosives used in the Ok City bombing while the ones in the UK are playing with chemical vests.
If you can't find accurate information or detailed analysis on the world's problems and triumphs you are either ignorant, brainwashed or both and that goes for both parties as well as the fringe wannabees, independants and loyalists.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weekend Rambler

Hmm, I was just perusing my sample ballot for the primary election here and there are seven parties represented so when I hear third party talk I get a bit confused. I joined the GOP because their platform is nearest to my beliefs and none of them are religious, they are political reasons, being a small 'l' libertarian by nature fearful of big government. Lets see we have . The American Independant party(not true independants), the DNC, the Greens, the Libertarians, Natural Law(no candidates), the Peace and Freedom party (here 'party' can be taken the other way), and the GOP .

It appears that we Californians have ample "third" parties to choose from if we so choose. I chose a Reform party candidate twice and in doing so helped affirm a Bill Clinton victory. I am a fiscal conservative first and foremost when it comes to matters of government and the GOP comes closest to that in their platform and conservative candidates have shown they can win through the GOP machine, all the others are perennial losers of late.

I live in the deep red part of Ca., it is safely in conservative hands at the state and federal levels. This is a wild state to live in if you are a political junky like myself. I am voting "NO" on all ballot measures on tuesday.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday Thinking

Many thanks to Karen , the Barnyard Bible Study is up and running again. We are working our way through Mose's Law as written in the Torah. I urge all to join the discussion as I am somewhat a maverick from traditional views and can guarantee a lively discussion, while Karen puts down a wonderful traditional viewpoint. A few others have posting priviledges and I hope they use them. I love theological debate, my other favorites are boring, economics, taxes and government over regulation, so if you want religious debate visit me there. This must however be relevant to the chapter in review, we are on Gen.11 at the current time. I hope to see you there!
Bill O'Reilly's latest column is worth a read, I agree.