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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!!!

I got home this evening to find a very pleasant surprise on my desk, Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny". I never expected to get it this quickly from the library when I put my name on the waiting list but I did and I am thrilled. I will have to get a copy for my bookshelf to sit next to Natan Sharansky's " The Case for Democracy".

I have only read one chapter so far but feel like I just ate a multi course meal featuring beef tenderloin, the red meat is so rich with conservative flavor, no wonder it is sitting atop the NYT's best seller list considering the direction Obama and his statist cronies are taking us. No my friends conservatism is not dead or dying, it had just become complacent but the fire has been relit around the country as the "Tea Parties" show. I think Mark speaks for many that feel as I do about what conservatism is, not the watered down shinola of the beltway elite like Brooks, Frum or John McCain and his "valley girl" daughter but true to the Constitutional Federalism of our Founders.

I did not get Mark's radio show in California but now that I am back in Dixie I have the pleasure of listening to him on my evening drive home. I do miss Hugh Hewitt but Mark is a decent trade I can't complain about and I am sure Hugh would agree since I can't seem to find him on my dial.

Anyway, get Mark's book either from the library or shell out and buy it, it is worth every penny.


Donald Douglas said...

It's a great book...

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Pasadena had another Tea Party today. May Day, May Day!!!