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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Smokin' Smoker

Well I got the garden plot all tilled yesterday so now its time to relax and watch the grill smoke a nice pork roast, yummmmmm. I haven't smoked a roast in quite a while so this is my treat for getting all my major chores done, that sonny-do list was long.

Update: The rain held off long enough for me to finish my roast and then came in with a bang, tornado warnings and all. There were touchdowns and numerous funnels spotted in my area but nothing bad here though the sky got really black and roiled looking for a little bit this evening. Anyway, the roast was so tender you couldn't cut it with a knife, it just fell apart with a nice crunchy crust and moist ultra-tender inside, perfect pulled pork quality. Ah, life in the South -East BBQ and tornados, what a combination?!


Gayle said...

Sounds delicious!

Goat, I hope that you are enjoying Alabama and being with your mom and family. I'm sure you're glad to be settled in and enjoying a bit of a respit from politics.

Trader Rick said...

Goat, I watched a couple of Touchdowns myself Saturday in Gainesville after cooking T-bones on the barbie!!Peeling and eating shrimp and pouring the contents of ice cold longnecks down my gullet while waiting for the steaks to cook over charcoal...Ah, the Sunny South!

AlexMartinez said...

Hey, Goat hope alls well. I ment to ask who you pull for Alabama or Auburn? lol

Ron Simpson said...

I am going to smoke a gigantic pork shoulder to make pulled pork sandwiches for Jack's 5th birthday party this weekend.