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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Arab-Israeli Journalist Talks About Hamas And Fatah

Khaled Abu Toameh gave a talk recently to various Western journalists about Gaza and what the truth really is and his is a very interesting perspective since he hears both sides. Michael Totten was there and has posted it in full, I encourage you to go read it to learn what you never will from our press.

He speaks about the elections that brought Hamas to power in Gaza and why. He blames the West and even Israel for propping up and even legitimizing the openly corrupt PLO and Fatah which drove palestinians into the open arms of Hamas. I can see a lot of truth in what he is saying but you need to go read it for yourselves. He doesn't give cover for Hamas and doesn't blame Israel for wanting to protect their citizens he just tells the truth as he sees it from both sides of the fence.

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