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Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Am Still Down

I still haven't received my recovery discs from Dell so my computer is still in its broken mode at least a buddy is nice enough to let me use his machine so I can stay semi in touch with the cyber world. The problem is that he has dial up service only and its slow as Christmas to a four year old and he uses AOL which I absolutely despise, oh well thats life.

He does at least get FOX news and a gazillion other channels I don't so I have something to look at while pages load. I also don't have access to my favorites list so surfing is limited to the few sites I can remember the URLs for.

I should be back to regular posting early next week unless my computer is in worse condition than just a couple corrupted files in Windows XP but I will lose all my files at least most of my pictures have been backed up. I use Blogger's Picassa service to save all the pictures I have posted here so that's a big chunk of them right there and most of the rest are on disc. I guess I should have gotten Carbonite's back up services long ago but stupid me kept putting it off and now I am paying the price for my inaction so be smart and spend $5 a month for their service. I wish I had.


Alex Martinez said...

Hey Goat this is Alex in Alabama finally saying hello. Hey whats wrong with dialup, it works for me! lol

Gayle said...

I've been off the internet for almost a month, Goat. I sent my pc in for repair and it's under warranty, so it was sent via UPS to HP and that's how long it took them to return it to me. I didn't have an alternate pc to post from so in my case it was total withdrawal. I hope you get up and running soon!

Carbonite is worth much more than they charge. I'm glad I had it because HP set my pc back to it's original condition, but it didn't take long to click on the Carbonite icon and download all my files. If I hadn't had it I would have had to download everything to CD's before I sent the pc to them, so I highly recommend it.