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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Concentrate Our Fire On Red State Democrats

A whole lot of stink has been raised after GOP Senators Spectre, Snowe and Collins bucked our caucus and voted for the Obama-Pelosi-Reid omnibus porkulus and rightly so. They deserve all the scorn they are receiving and not one penny of future support from the RNC or the NRSC. However I don't support kicking them out of the caucus at this point since they at at least keep in range of a filibuster, well sort of.

Instead we need to concentrate our fire at Democrat Senators that represent the red states or even purple states and are up for reelection next year. Those states are Arkansas, South and North Dakota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, West Virginia, Indiana, Montana and a few more I'm sure. I don't know who is up for reelection next year other then Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Harry Reid of Nevada. Boy would I love to see Senate Majority leader and chief idiot Reid get booted.

Our new RNC leader has his work cut out for him and he should make sure he has solid challengers for these seats that get plenty of backing from the national committees. He needs to concentrate his focus there and not worry about blue state rinos, let them live or die on their own merits but don't waste needed funds on them. The same goes for generally conservative congressional districts that had been in GOP control that the Democrats made gains in the last two cycles, we can take those seats back.

The Democrats have given us two silver bullets already in the porkubus spending package and blocking domestic oil and natural gas production, see the two posts below this one for more. I am sure they will give us plenty more ammunition as time goes by and they continue to push the failed New Deal/Great Society policies of the past.

The GOP can survive this setback and come back stronger as a result, just remember, Yes We Can and that our ideas and policies actually work to stimulate economic growth.

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Trader Rick said...

Kick them out? I say Tar and Feather them and ride them out of town on a rail!! When the chips were down they caved, were bought off and are despicable scum for it!!

They are a shameful black stain on the party and the nation.