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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Health Care Rationing By Stealth

Buried deep in the Obama-Pelosi-Reid non-Stimulus act is a provision that would effectively ration the type and quality of health care you receive from your doctor. Rep. Michelle Bachmann points out how this is a major move towards the government taking over health care decisions.

Believe it or not, Congressional Democrats proposed a radical revision of health care policy as part of their economic "stimulus" bill. “Comparative effectiveness," as it is called, not only lays the groundwork for a full-fledged government take-over of Americans’ health care system, but seriously limits the choices for patients and doctors in pursuing treatment.

What it does is put in place a National Coordinator of Health Information Technology that will “monitor treatments to make sure your doctor is doing what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective.” Your medical treatments will be tracked electronically by the government to decide whether you're "too sick" to receive health care treatment. They will decide for you what scope of treatments should be made available to deal with your current ailment.

This will create a few government bureaucrat jobs but what does it have to do with stimulating the economy or job creation? It may very well hurt research and development in the medical field. Would this mean that terminally ill patients may not be able to get life extending treatment or that little old lady won't be able to get her hip replacement when a wheel chair costs less?

There are also provisions in it that basically end the welfare reform of the 90's by linking money given to the states to the numbers of folks on their welfare rolls, the more people that are on them the more money they get. Plus other massive expansions of entitlement spending on medicare, foodstamps and unemployment payments.

Barack Obama took over the airwaves the other night to claim there is no "pork" or earmarks in this porkubus generational theft act and in at least one respect he is correct. Pork is meat and there is no meat in this bill that would actually stimulate the economy. It is full of pure lard, pure artery clogging fat that is more likely to give the economy a heart attack while passing the bill on to our children's children and beyond.

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Tapline said...

Goat, you are right on target with your assessment on the Socialized Medicine.....It will also open the door for obese kids having law suits against the schools because of the food they feed them....along with the government disallowing them medical care because they didn't take care of themselves.....The writing on the wall.....Along with your medical records finding their way into news papers and on TV......along with the hacking of the computers and missing records........Its a nightmare.1984 in reality. When do we get the implanted chip?????