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Sunday, November 20, 2005

More on the GWOT

I see that Zarqawi may have been killed as reported by two different Arab news papers when acting on a civilian tip to a senior AQ meeting in Mosul MNF and ISF forces surrounded the house and the residents of the house blew themselves up to avoid capture. Extremely good news if true.
Meanwhile Mark Levin and Victor Davis Hanson have great articles up at National Review debunking the latest disinformation coming from the loonbat left.

Mark Levin

Facts of War
Yes, there were connections between Saddam
Hussein and the 9/11 bad guys.

What is this baloney that there were no
connections between Iraq and Osama bin Laden? Even the 9/11 Commission Report,
which I believe is lacking in many respects, includes some useful findings all
but ignored today by the media and war critics. Consider the following excerpts:

Page 61:
Bin Ladin was also willing to explore possibilities for
cooperation with Iraq, even though Iraq's dictator, Saddam Hussein, had never
had an Islamist agenda — save for his opportunistic pose as a defender of the
faithful against 'Crusaders' during the Gulf War of 1991. Moreover, Bin Ladin
had in fact been sponsoring anti-Saddam Islamists in Iraqi Kurdistan, and sought
to attract them into his Islamic army.To protect his own ties with Iraq,
[Sudan's Islamic leader] Turabi, reportedly brokered an agreement that Bin Ladin
would stop supporting activities against Saddam. Bin Ladin apparently honored
this pledge, at least for a time, although he continued to aid a group of
Islamist extremist operating in part of Iraq (Kurdistan) outside of Baghdad's
control. In the late 1990s, these extremist groups suffered major defeats by
Kurdish forces. In 2001, with Bin Ladin's help they re-formed into an
organization called Ansar al Islam. There are indications that by then the Iraqi
regime tolerated and may even have helped Ansar al Islam against the common
Kurdish enemy.With the Sudanese regime acting as intermediary, Bin Ladin himself
met with a senior Iraqi intelligence officer in Khartoum in late 1994 or early
1995. Bin Ladin is said to have asked for space to establish training camps, as
well as assistance in procuring weapons, but there is no evidence that Iraq
responded to his request. ... [T]he ensuing years saw additional efforts to
establish common connections.

And from VDH

War & Reconstruction

For Bush’s critics, even hindsight is cloudy.
This is the mantra of the extreme Left: "Bush lied, thousands died." A
softer version from politicians now often follows: "If I knew then what I know
now, I would never have supported the war."

These sentiments are
intellectually dishonest and morally reprehensible for a variety of reasons
beyond the obvious consideration that you do not hang out to dry some 150,000
brave Americans on the field of battle while you in-fight over whether they
should have ever been sent there in the first place.
Consider the now
exasperating (and tired) argument that almost anyone who looked at the
intelligence data shared the same opinion about the threat of weapons of mass
destruction — former presidents, U.S. congressmen, foreign governments, Iraqi
exiles, and numerous intelligence organizations.
The prewar speeches of Jay
Rockefeller and Hillary Clinton sparked and sizzled with somber warnings about
biological and chemical arsenals — and, yes, nuclear threats growing on the
horizon. Politicians voted for war at a time of post-9/11 furor and fear, when
anthrax was thought to have been scattered in our major cities and the hysteria
over its traces evacuated government buildings. In response, the Democrats beat
their breasts to prove that they could out-macho the "smoke-em-out" and
"dead-or-alive" president in laying out the case against Saddam Hussein,
especially after the successful removal of the Taliban.

Michelle Malkin provides links to a great idea, highlight the heros, and weblink between fellow blogs to further the campaign, I'm in and would suggest our small coalition of bloggers take up the challenge. I know Pero has with his MOH sight , I frequently visit the official MOH site on a regular basis for inspiration.

I WANT TO PROTECT OUR LANDS FROM TERRORISTS..."By Michelle Malkin · November 20, 2005 11:42 AM
By Michelle Malkin · November 20, 2005 11:42 AM
"...so I joined the Marines."
--The words of 26-year-old Donald Ryan McGlothlin McGlothlin, a Marine 2nd lieutenant assigned to Battalion Landing Team, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, based at Camp Pendleton, Calif., who was killed this week during a firefight in Ubaydi, Iraq during a campaign to crack down on the insurgency.
God bless, deepest thanks, and R.I.P.
Related: Make sure to read the latest "Someone You Should Know" installment from Matt at Blackfive highlighting the story of Marine Sergeant James "Eddie" Wright.
Related II: Thank this female soldier. She could use the support. (Hat tip: Anna at The Right Place)
Related III: McQ at Q&O has launched the Project Hero campaign,

"highlight the heroism of some of our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen in both Iraq and Afghanistan." Today's post tells the story of honor a young Marine officer who won the nation's second highest honor for valor in action: the Navy Cross. Writes McQ:
The idea is to get a network of blogs to link and spread the word about the valor of our military which seems to simply go unreported by the MSM. I’m asking like minded folks if they wouldn’t consider linking to these posts or posting the citations or stories themselves. I’m also soliciting emails in which people can send me citations and stories of heroism they find about Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m going to do these once a week, probably on Friday or Saturday. Any help you can give in spreading the word would be great.
Pass it on.
Related IV: Austin Bay on how troops are fighting back through e-mail.

What a fabulous idea!!! as Michelle already has the links so I won't be redundant.


Goat said...

Uh, Kevin , where are you to take on history professors and investigative journalists? Did you think you had found a 'toad in the yard' to play with. I have alot more info on AirAmerica's monetary struggles if you wish to be 'keelhauled'.

Goat said...

I also see that Kevin ignored what his liberal DNC leadership had to say on the build up to taking Saddam out, instead herelies on superficial evidence and never presents the leftie's agenda other than retreat. Where is there solution to Islamo-fascism? I have to wonder why the left is so opposed to Term limits, so we "The People" have more voice. Are they so afraid of losing office if they have to put their bark with their bite? I see NO new positive messages coming from the DNC only old tired retoric.

KEvron said...

"superficial evidence"

you should make a list of his superficial evidence, goat, just so we can laugh at him and it. that'll show 'em!

KEvron said...

"I have alot more info on AirAmerica's monetary struggles if you wish to be 'keelhauled'."

afterwards, can we then discuss the price of tea in china?


Goat said...

Possibly in a conversation not a 'one-liner' chopshop.

KEvron said...

i'm sorry. allow me to clarify:

what do air america's supposed financial woes have to do with the topic of this thread (which, i will grant, is a rather broad one)? and what do they have to do with kevin?


Goat said...

Its my forum I will go where I want.

KEvron said...

i didn't say anything about "going where you want". i asked a question. i don't understand what this non-sequitur has to do with the subject of the thread. i don't understand what prompted this line of discussion.

please enlighten.