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Saturday, March 21, 2009

American Depression

What is happening to the American psyche in these somewhat troubling times? The economy is sputtering, our enemies are emboldened and we have an inexperienced naively liberal President that increasingly appears to not have a clue as to how to actually govern. Victor Davis Hanson takes a look into the many factors that are playing to our state of mind far more elonquently than I can.

Why are so many Americans so depressed about things these days? It is perhaps not just the economy.

I think the answer is clear: all the accustomed referents, the sources of security, of knowledge and reassurance appear to be vanishing. Materially, we still enjoy a sumptuous lifestyle in comparison with past generations—and the world outside our borders. America remains the most sane and successful society on the planet.

But there is a strange foreboding, a deer-in-the-headlights look to us that we may be clueless Greeks in the age of Demosthenes, played-out Romans around AD 450, or give-up French in late 1939—with a sense it cannot go on. Why? Let us count the ways.

Heck even the New York Times and the AP are starting to wonder if the Teleprompter President is in way over his head. None of this really surprises me since I was warning about this Obama well over a year ago as being nothing but an empty suit with pleasing oratory. Many of us knew a long time ago that Obama would prove to be Carter II if he was elected and the sad part about it for our country is that he may prove to be even more disasterous than we ever feared.

God help us.


Trader Rick said...

Carter II??

No Way!!!

This O'Bama moron makes Carter look like Winston Churchill...

He sets a new bar for incompetence.

Trader Rick said...

Goat, I'm traveling down to Florida at the end of this month, to put things in motion! Go Gators!