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Friday, March 06, 2009

Guns And Ammo, A Booming Industry

One of the very few industries not hurt by the deepening recession are the ones related to firearms. This is not really surprising given the growing unrest around the country over the Obama administration's draconian views on gun control and absolute disregard for fiscal responsibility and the Constitution. Bob Owens has an interesting post on the shortage of ammunition available, it turns out its being bought as fast as the manufacturers can make it.

As soon as I get back to Alabama I am getting my CC license and will start building my arsenal as fast as I can. I don't need or want "scary looking" military style guns that are no more effective than a typical deer rifle, I tend to find well made traditional styles more attractive to the eye and comfortable to shoot. I like knock down power over looks and most assault style weapons like the AR-15 shoot basically what I call a varmint load good for killing prairie dogs but not a determined enemy. I'll take a .300 magnum on the shoulder and a .44 mag or .45 acp on the hip over the 5.6 NATO or 9 mill anyday. The 5.6 is the same caliber as a .22 with a bit more range.

I certainly hope armed revolution does not come to pass but Obama may end up being more Lincolnesque than he could ever have imagined though I doubt his leadership style could preserve what our Founders shed their blood for if it does. As Jefferson said the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants.

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Paul said...

You know Goat I strongly empathise with what you say. Sad fact is that here in Britain apart from a shot gun we cannot own firearms. I consider it ridiculous; my late mother who lived out in the country (and yet had handled firearms in her youth) was expected to rely on the local police to send out a patrol to her if she felt threatened. It's the same for me I've handled firearms almost every day of my career. Yet God forbid someone threatens my family here, I'm expected to wait for the police to turn up. This is the UK police who generally (there are exceptions) are not well trained in firearms and are mostly unarmed.

I like your choice of calibres mind, although personally unless you have a problem with bears though I wouldn't choose a .44 mag, the .357 will do the job fine in my estimation. I'm harking back to the days when I could actually own one.