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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Moving News

I had two of my biggest worries removed last week and I feel much better now. The first was an outstanding contract that had been in holding pattern for the last two years because the client kept changing the drawing for a piece of art glass, the architect and contractor released me from my contract and will finish the job working directly with my artist.

The second was getting rid of my inventory but a good friend came around and took it all off my hands for a decent price. I am worn out from spending the last couple days loading up a couple tons of glass, machinery and other supplies. We stuffed his truck to the hilt a couple times but were able to get it all in just a couple loads so that is a big relief and cash for the road.

Now I can concentrate on the final details of closing down my company which just consists of a few letters to the proper state agencies and packing up. The mover is booked for the first week of April and I will be back in the heart of Dixie a week after they load up, in time for my niece's first soccer games. Mom tells me she asks everyday when her uncle goat is going to get there. I know I am ready to get out of this state ASAP.


The Griper said...

take me with ya, will ya? :)

Trader Rick said...

You know you'll be happier in Dixie...