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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tea Party Protests And Going John Galt

I have not read Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" so I can't really classify myself as a Randian but from what I have learned lately I would surely qualify as such. As I understand it John Galt was Rand's hero that withdrew his productivity from society in protest of an ever intrusive over taxing government. I just watched this very interesting video from PJTV on going Galt as a large and growing segment of people are doing in protest of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid trifecta seeking to spend and tax us into oblivion.

I have always had a very strong libertarian streak that despises government though I recognize it as a necessary evil good for only a limited number of things. I am going Galt in a way by closing my business in California and moving back to Alabama since Ca. has chosen to raise my taxes by a minimum of $500 bucks a year and that's a conservative estimate. Once I get back to Al. we will get a big garden planted and put that good old canning process to work. Mom grew up farming during the Depression so we know what we are doing.

As we all should know our American Revolution basically started with the Boston Tea Party over taxation by England. Recently there have been quite a few Tea Party protests across America with a big one scheduled for 4/15, tax day. Michelle Malkin has done a yeoman's work covering and supporting these protests that our Obamedia refuses to cover also check the Instapundit for updates on protests that will be happening in you area. We aren't quite as organized as the International ANSWER crowd and conservatives are generally to busy working to show up for protests but one here in sunny SoCal turned out 15,000 to protest higher taxes.

Obama and his administration so far has proven to be the train wreck in slow motion that I and many others said it would be and his supporters are even left unable to defend him except through ad hominen attacks on his critics. I had one Obamabot criticize me for a misspelling of incompetent but with no effort to defend the charges, typical of the moonbats I have known.

All I can say is I hope the GOP can get its act together over the next year and a half so we can possibly unseat that witch from the House Majority chair, Nancy "I want an Air Force Jet Now" Pelosi. Hey Newt pulled it off in '94 against a not nearly as radical administration.

Yes We Can Do It Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sidenote: 59% of the people on an MSNBC poll give Obama an "F" , hmmmmm, short honeymoon.


SouthernRoots said...

I wish I could find it again, it was in an old history book on the Revolution - but the tax rate we went to war over was under 10%.

Now look where taxation with representation has gotten us.

Where did we go wrong?

Trader Rick said...

I read Atlas Shrugged as a freshman in college, couldn't put it down, stayed up nights, then consumed every book she ever wrote in rapid succession.Changed my life.

Made me into a poor Gary Cooper.

David M said...

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