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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thanks For The Patience

Between my computer breaking down on me and preparing to move across the country I just haven't had much time to blog with any real thoughtful insight on matters at hand. I moved out to California 12 years ago with all my possessions packed into a Nissan Maxima but I have accumulated a lot more stuff since then and now need to hire a mover to move back. The cost was thankfully a lot less than I was expecting and makes more sense than dragging a big trailer behind me. I will already be filling my truck and a small trailer with my tools alone so getting my few pieces of furniture and boxes handled by a mover makes sense.

To add to just the headaches of moving is closing down my company and getting rid of my inventory in a rapidly dying state. My dream is dead for now but I will pull myself up by the bootstraps and move on and hopefully resurrect it in the future.

I hate to let my house go into foreclosure but I can gain some solice in the fact that uber-liberal George Soros is a major stake holder in the bank my mortgage is with. Yeah my credit rating will take a hit but not too bad since it was perfect to start with and it is a result of circumstances beyond my control.

At least I will be back where I have family, plenty of old friends to look up, golf courses that won't break the bank for a couple weekend rounds and water actually warm enough to go swimming in. I will miss the Sierra mountains, the temperate climate and wine country but I can find plenty of almost as good tradeoffs like Panama City, the Smokey mountains and turning my niece into the next Mia Ham. I also know an awesome fishing hole loaded with big bass on private property that I will have access to.

I have never asked for prayers except for others but now I am asking for them as I need your's and His support in this tough time for me.


The Griper said...

you have them, good buddy.

Trader Rick said...

Our prayers are with you, buddy! We know what it's like. We are prepping for our own move back down south. God Bless!

Ron Simpson said...

Are you passing through Oklahoma on the way to Alabama?

Tapline said...

Always remember, You are not alone and He never closes one door without opening another. stay well.....