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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Governor Palin On Accepting Some Of The Stimulus Dollars

She is accepting the dollars that will go to infrastructure and create jobs but rejecting funds that will grow the cost to Alaska in the future because of Federal strings attached to them. As I said in several posts about the "stimulus" about a fifth went to actually worthy projects and the rest was just a liberal hog trough of slop. This is via Hot Air and Conservatives4Palin where you can also find a transcript.

I think this is the path the other states should follow as well accept some but not all the money and use it wisely to actually create jobs and not expand social services with increased reliance on DC to keep them funded. Meanwhile my current Gov. Schwartzenegger just stuck his nose deep in Obama's crack, took a deep breath and declared it beautiful before moving around to the front side on his knees. Can I gag now?

I really like Sarah Palin and if she and Mitt Romney both run in 2012 I will have a very tough choice to make. That is still a long ways off especially politically since so much can happen in just a few weeks let alone years untill then conservatives need to focus squarely on 2010 in the hopes of getting Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid removed from their leadership positions in the House and Senate respectively.

There are currently about 40-45 Democrat House members representing districts that went for McCain in '08 and around 10-12 Democrat Senators representing red or purple states up for re-election next year including Harry Reid in Nevada. That is where our focus should be concentrated.


Trader Rick said...

Here is this woman from a small college that has a thousand times more common sense that the empty suit with the fancy education that is sitting in Washington screwing things up.

The choice was clear and America blew it. Big Time.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

I love Sarah Palin, and this video is a good example of exactly why. She's level-headed, intelligent, and not afraid to buck any part of the system (and party) with which she does not agree or that grates on her principles. She *has* principles, and she is not afraid to stand by them. I find that immensely refreshing in politics. I'm all set to vote for her (if not Romney) in 2012 ;)

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

This is why she's a great leader. Sadly, that's lost on the Libs.