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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Killer Chic: Hollywood’s Sick Obsession With Che Guevara

I know I don't understand it with the left's concern for "human rights", Che was a murderous thug unconcerned with "human rights". He only cared about power and just how well has Cuba done since, seems it is a third world thugocracy to me. From Reason TV via Instaglenn.


Gayle said...

Hi, Goat. I see you're back. I hope you had a nice time at the cabin.

Cuba seems like a thugocracy because it is... sort of like Chicago. As for Hollywood, they simply live in a world of their own. It doesn't exist except in their delusional minds. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that most of their adult lives are spent pretending to be someone they're not. It may be that if one does that long enough, after awhile they can't differentiate between what actually "is" and what they want it to be.

The Griper said...

i'm not too worried about the people selling this stuff, being an advocate of free enterprise. what does worry me is the number of buyers of this stuff showing their veneration of people like che and mao.