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Monday, December 29, 2008

Moonbats Freak Out Over "Barack The Magic Negro"

Michelle Malkin is right when she says "oh give me a super-sized break" after eight years of moonbats calling President Bush every name in the book and making a few up on top of it. The left is suddenly demanding respect for the office of the President and that we all should get along in an atmosphere of mutual respect. I will respect the Office but I will also criticize policies I disagree with unlike the BDS demented moron moonbats

Peter Yarrow the writer of "Puff The Magic Dragon", a paen to opium/heroin and sold as a children's song, pitched a hissy fit in the Puffington Host today over the parodized use of his song to ridicule Obama. Michelle has a link and an excerpt if you want since I won't link to PuffHo. It is a legitimate parody that played on Rush Limbaugh's show that actually makes more fun of Al Sharpton than it does Obama and the term actually comes from Spike Lee and a liberal LA Times writer. The snit is because Chip Saltsman, a candidate for GOP chair, sent it out as part of a holiday package to GOP members on a CD with other parody songs.

I agree that this was rather tasteless and tactless on Saltsman's part when the GOP is struggling with minority voters that largely view the GOP as racist to begin with. Saltsman, who was never my choice for GOP chair in the first place, has now blown any chance he had at the seat as a result. I support either Ken Blackwell or Michael Steele for the seat and face of the GOP, I have no use for Anuzis, Dayton or Saltsman to represent my Party.

Here is the derided parody and you will see it is quite harmless, indeed Obama's election could put race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson out of business because America is not inherently racist as the parody states.

Actually it is pretty lame and I think much better parodies could be made using the same song and avoiding the racial undertones since Obama did live by the sea and his followers in "honnalee", a mystical land. Damn, now I can't get that stupid song out of my head and I used to like Peter, Paul and Mary, then I grew up. Paul Philips and his daughter, McKenzie, made heroin addiction front page news when it killed them, the dragon is opium or heroin and puff is to smoke it so put it together and you have "Puff the Magic Dragon" living in a fantasy land. That is how I view Obamabots.


Trader Rick said...

Much ado about nothing.

I wonder how long (forever?) the MSM will fawn over B. Hussein? A year? Before they turn on him like the mad dogs they are...

Tom the Redhunter said...

No, Trader Rick, it's not much ado over nothing.

If nothing else, sending that out marks Chip Saltsman too stupid for the job of RNC chair. Anyone that politically tone deaf shouldn't be in the job.