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Monday, December 08, 2008

Wrong Message For Conservatives

There is a radio ad playing currently here that stresses all the things the GOP and conservatives in general oppose about possible upcoming legislation in an Obama administration with Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress. We need to be more than just opposed to things we need to properly express what we are for like a business friendly environment with lower taxes, a smaller limited and efficient government, individual rights as guaranteed by the Constitution, National security through secure borders and a proactive foreign policy.

It is fine to stand in opposition to Obama but we need to be far more than that if we want to regain a conservative majority. We need to be the party that brings fresh ideas to the forefront to solve the problems the people perceive as forefront. The Democrats have none but the same old tried and failed policies of the past around 70 years old to be exact going back to FDR. The thing is those policies extended the Depression. WWII ended the Depression not FDR's New Deal.


The Griper said...

i agree, even though that is how the opposition has gained power. it doesn't serve the nation by being negative.

but we need to go a step further. we can't just say we are for a smaller government, we need to define what it means and why it is beneficial.

we can't just say a business friendly government we need to show that being a business friendly government is good for everybody not just the rich.

we can't just talk of new ideas, we need to clarify them so that they cannot be perceived as beneficial to special groups.

but first we need to change attitudes. we need to convince the people to have faith in themselves first not have faith in government to solve problems.

Ron Simpson said...

Or we need to define why we oppose the Obama agenda. It is not good enough to say his ideas are wrong. We need to tell why they are wrong. What are the consequences. When in history have these ideas failed before. Why they failed. Then after we describe the train wreck he will leave, we go into how our plans and ideas will help either prevent or fix Obama's bad ideas.

Gayle said...

Griper is right, but I have to ask how we do all that when the media won't broadcast anything that makes the GOP look good? We have an extremely biased media against us. How do we manage to get around that? That's the stickler.

The Griper said...

if you can't communicate with people on a large scale, gayle, you do it on the small scale.

besides, we don't need the media to get the word out.