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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israel Continues Its Just Assault On Gaza:Updated

Israel entered its fourth day of airraids on Hamas facilities and infrastructure in the Gaza strip with over 500 sites hit by precision munitions and about as many dead Hamas cretins. Hamas launched rockets also reached there deepest penetration into Israel striking Beersheba. Those rockets launched by Hamas are roughly aimed at population centers and not military targets with the sole purpose of killing civilians unlike Israel's precision strikes aimed at Hamas' military targets.

When Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005 and the people there elected Hamas to run things they became a legitimate target if they continued or failed to stop the barrage of rockets aimed at Israel. Israel has every right to secure its borders and to protect its people from attack no matter what the international weenies might think. It is not Israel's responsibility to provide for the people of Gaza but it is the responsibility of Gazan's duly elected leaders to provide for them. When Israel pulled out they left behind industry and greenhouses that Hamas looted and destroyed despite the fact they employed and fed thousands of Gazans. The Gazans are not oppressed by Israel they are subjugated by the very people they elected to lead them, only they have the power to put an end to the perpetual state of war they find themselves in by stopping the attacks on Israel.

This young lady from Gaza knows where to place the blame, on Hamas.

Commenters at Hot Air where I got the clip point out this could be Fatah propaganda as it was released by the Palistinian Authority, could be an attempt to triangulate as both parties are known for stagecraft.

Meanwhile Israel is determined to win the propaganda war by opening a You Tube channel and posting its own videos though the Google censors pulled this one it is still at Live Leak of Hamas cretins being taken out loading missiles on a truck.

Update: This is a must read highly relevant post with thanks to the Instapundit. It is to good to pull a quote from so just go read the whole thing.

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