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Monday, December 08, 2008

SCOTUS Declines To Hear Obama Birth Certificate Case

I say good since it is a non issue. MSM reports on this say it has been pushed by right wing bloggers but that is entirely false. It was pushed by Hillary Clinton supporters most notably Philip Berg who is also a 9/11 truther. I only know of one conservative blog that looked into it extensively and that was Atlas Shrugs but the vast majority of right wing blogs dismissed it as a bunch of hooey and even went out of their way to call it as much.

I mentioned it a couple times but more out of curiosity as to why Obama doesn't just end the speculation by releasing the pertinent documents instead of fighting in the courts. I believe Obama was born in Hawaii to Ann Dunham, an American citizen making him a natural born citizen. My question has to do with what is he trying to hide by not releasing the vault copy? Is his father not really Barack Obama Sr.? That information would not delegitimize from the Presidency but it would raise all sorts of questions about his basic honesty and the truthfulness of his two biographical books.

He does not look like the pictures I have seen of his supposed father or have the facial features of his Luo tribesmen and 'relatives' in Africa. He does bear an uncanny resemblance to a famous radical civil rights leader though, Malcolm X and the timelines of his mother's pregnancy have many gaps, like when she left Washington for Hawaii. Indeed being Malcolm X's bastard son would be quite an embarrasment for that paragon of virtue and that may be the reason he is not releasing the documents. Either way Obama is a natural born US citizen and eligible to be President.

Once again this is not being pushed by conservative blogs but by Hillary Clinton supporters, third party nuts like Alan Keyes and conspiracy nuts that never let a good conspiracy go away.

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Ron Simpson said...

Even if he was born in Africa, he is still the son of an American citizen and by rights he would be a citizen also.