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Sunday, December 14, 2008

RNC Ad Blasts Obama And Blagojevich

Meanwhile John McCain reminds us why he was such a lousy candidate by blasting the RNC. He seems more interested in protecting Obama and the Democrats than he does his own party and running mate.

It is insane to think that neither Obama nor his closest adivisors did not have contact with Blagojevich over who they would prefer to fill Obama's Senate seat, they would have been stupid not to have. The focus of this is of course on Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod both of whom had very close ties to Blago. I guess Chicago slime even sticks to teflon. There are reports that calls are being made for Emmanuel to resign already as Obama's Chief of Staff and the One has not even taken office yet. All I can say is I told you so, Obama is a typical Chicago machine pol and no messiah.


Burr Deming said...

It is indeed kind of crazy to think that there were no contacts. Also a bit nutty to think that such contacts were corrupt, unless evidence indicates otherwise. The recording Fitzgerald offered, and his commentary, pretty clearly precluded any Obama involvement in anything wrong.

The story remains that Blagojevich seems to have modeled himself after a combination of the Sopranos and the Three Stooges. The rest is wishful thinking by delusional wingnuts.

Goat said...

I never said Obama or his staff did anything illegal. They may have told Blago to screw himself but there certainly were close ties in the Chicago machine.As the ad says many questions remain unanswered and Obama along with his staff have been very opaque unlike the transparency he promised. I think Obama is corrupt as the day is long just very, very good at hiding it.

Trader Rick said...

Are you saying Obama is NOT the Messiah??????

Amy Proctor said...

John McCain's flaw is defending the enemy rather than the friend.