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Saturday, November 01, 2008

College Football Chaos

Wow Texas Tech upsets the Longhorns in one of the best games I have ever watched with a last second touchdown. I was of course rooting for Tech since my Crimson Tide was sitting at number 2 behind Texas. Yes we are number 1 for the first time in a very long time at 9-0 with three tough games left to go before we face off for a National Championship.

I am sure we can handle LSU and Auburn but Florida in the SEC Championship game will be tough though we beat the team that beat them. Nick Saban has brought us back with a bruising running game and the suffocating defense that we love in SEC football

Once again the BCS scoring system is thrown in to complete disarray, that is why I support a playoff system with the top eight teams. We can keep all the various bowl games with the top five rotating the championship game and it would only add one more game to the schedule. I am sure fans would not mind that and it would eliminate all the second guessing that goes on post season.


Trader Rick said...

Congrats on Number One, with love from Number four. See you in Atlanta Dec. 6th!!

knowitall said...

Can someone tell me why the liberal illuminati want to govern football and not the country?