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Saturday, November 08, 2008

I Am Totally Burned Out But The Tide Keeps On Rolling

I have been blogging hard for the last year or so and now I just feel burnt out at least my Crimson Tide is giving me something to be excited about. We have not been ranked number 1 for twenty eight years even our last National Championship we were not the top ranked team, Miami was and we were the heavy underdogs going in. Today we pulled out a tough away game in Baton Rouge against LSU in overtime. This is always a bruising SEC match up and we did what we needed to do which is win a tough road game. The next two are at home and both against teams that always come ready to play, Miss. St. and our perennial cross state foe Auburn them we face Florida for the SEC Title. Yeah I know I live in Ca. but I am from Al. and I hate Ca. teams.


The Griper said...

hey, my friend, i live out here too but my heart and mind are still back in michigan. but, of course, i don't have much to brag about this year with the wolverines or lions and tigers. have to put all my "rahs" in for the red wings and pistons.

Goat said...

My Dad was from Kalamazoo, Michigan and played for Western Michigan but was still a big fan of the Wolverines. What has happened to them recently?

Trader Rick said...

You should have no trouble cruising thru to Atlanta, Goat.

The Gators, howeve, have a much harder path, facing TWO TOP 25 BCS TEAMS.

We watched your victory saturday with Gator Alums before our 49-7 pasting of Vandy, Cheering you on all the way!!

Anyway, see you in Atlanta, hope you are still #1 so we can gobble up all your BCS points!!!

Go Gators!!