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Friday, November 21, 2008

Sarah Palin Pardons A Turkey

I guess other Governors follow the tradition of the President in pardoning at least one turkey before Thanksgiving. The vegans and PETA types are freaking out about what is going on behind her as she takes a few questions after the pardon at a small turkey ranch. Check out the captions that roll on screen as she talks, yes MSNBC employs gutless wussies. Where the hell do they think those turkeys at Whole Foods come from?

Of course this would not bother Sarah as a life long hunter but it sure is driving the left crazy but then again everything about Sarah drives the moonbats batty. I guess they have no idea where their food comes from or like fruits and nuts they only eat fruits and nuts thus leaving me that yummy meat to eat.


The Griper said...

hey, if the cameraman was sqeamish he could have changed it on his own by doing it from a different view.

Tom the Redhunter said...

I'd heard about this video but until tonight never got around to watching it. My reaction?


With all the fuss over it, I expected to see the guy in the background holding the birds down on a stump and whacking off their heads with a hatchet or something.

What I saw was less gross than cleaning fish, and fish aren't much.

I swear too many of these suburban yuppie types seem to have no idea where their hamburgers come from.