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Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Thanksgiving Get Away

A week from today I will be headed for my favorite Sierra hang out for four days of disconnection from the outside world, the Lord knows I need it. I can barely wait.

This is the view I will see while enjoying a cigar and a cold beer.

We will be roasting a free range chicken in that 80 year old wood burning stove, yes this goat can and will survive.

Team volcano will be with us of course, Shasta(lft) and Lassen. I will have more pictures coming from the trip,


Trader Rick said...

Lassen is one good looking Siberian!!

Patrick Brownspot said...

Pass the Moose-meat stew!!

Gayle said...

I know you will enjoy yourself emensely, Goat. I know I would!

The dogs are beautiful.

Goat said...

Yes he is Rick with a personality to match, Shasta is the quiet killer if you happen to be a rat or a cat.

Papa Frank said...

Love the photos. Happy solitude to ya.