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Monday, November 17, 2008

Phishing Scammers Find A Mark

As the saying goesthere is a sucker born every minute, an Oregon woman lost $400,000 to a Nigerian scam as they have come to be known. I kind of feel sorry for her since she mortgaged their payed for house, took out a lien on their payed for car and squandered her husband's retirement savings. I also kind of don't since those things are so easy to check through google or even explorer and her family, friends and banker all pleaded with her that it was a scam.

Let's see just today I won three lotteries, got a couple business offers, a couple pleas from widows whose husbands left them millions they don't know what to do with and another offering me millions to start a muslim orphanage named after mohammed, hahahaha lmao. That is a pretty typical daily influx of scam email to my junk box not to mention the bank accountants that need a proxy for inheritance funds they intend to share with me. I of course report all of them to the sending ISP and to the Feds. I think I have won every freaking scam lottery that is floating around out there. These criminals if they are not out to scam you directly out of your money are out to steal your identity. They deserve to be staked over a fire ant bed and covered in honey.

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