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Monday, November 17, 2008

Hillary Clinton For Secretary Of State?

That is the rumor going around while the Guardian is reporting it as a done deal, I tend to doubt it for a couple reasons. The first being why would Hillary tie herself to the Obama administration if she still has designs on the top spot? The second being why would she leave her Senate post where she can rise to position of much influence and power? The SoS is a position of high regard but they are basically the lackeys of their boss the President when it comes to policy and have little real influence on that policy.

I do think Hillary could do a decent job in that position since her name does carry some weight around the world and she can be quite hawkish minded at times. I just don't see why she would accept the position in what could very well be a failed and catastrophic administration and basically ruin whatever legacy she could have as the lioness of the Senate.
Allahpundit, Ace and even Peter Beinart are sceptical for the same reasons I am.

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Gayle said...

I heard today that it's a done deal.