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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Did You Vote Today?

I did at about 11:00 pac. and there were no lines but it was busy, I do live in a small town though. I really doubt Obama will get many votes around here since this is a deep red district with a major Air Force base nearby and I have not seen any Obama signs. I don't think McCain can carry California but his internals have shown it to be very close and he is very popular out here winning the primaries fairly handily. Independents decide things out here and helped us get Arnie elected twice.

I don't believe or follow exit polls but I find anecdotal evidence interesting about very high turnout in deep red districts and states. I wonder what the PUMA turnout will be. Will the youth vote Obama is depending on show up to vote? Anecdotal evidence I have seen around the web suggests that it isn't. Will they not bother to show up and vote thinking Obama has it in bag? Remember getting somebody to register doesn't mean they will actually show up to vote.

I remain optimistic that McCain/Palin can pull this out.

What are you seeing in your district?


Gayle said...

I did vote, Goat, but by now you know it didn't do any good. *sigh*

knowitall said...

We can't feel that way. America was fooled, but luckily it's not forever. So once the GOP regroups, we must get out and get the socialist illuminati out of office.