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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pictures From The Cabin Trip

We were treated to a small winter storm Wednesday so it slowed the drive there down but we were greeted by a winter wonderland the next morning. You can sorta make out the cabin through the trees.
The view from the deck in the opposite direction of the picture above taken Thursday morning.

Of course these two kept us busy, they love the snow but hey they are Huskies after all.
Looking out the door.
These are of the creek about 50 feet from the deck and where we get our water. We filter it for bugs and it tastes better than anything in a bottle.

This is the front yard, the creek is in the back yard.

We ate well as we always do when we go up there, roasted fresh free range chicken for Thursday, venison tenderloins with a cranberry reduction sauce for Friday and elk burgers on Saturday. Yes Sarah Palin would be proud of us, we even had some Alaskan salmon along but didn't get to it.


WomanHonorThyself said...

mmmmmmm!..looks like a winter wonderland!:)

The Griper said...

and what a beautiful time of the year to get back to nature and what we should be thankful for it.

Tapline said...

Goat, This takes me way back when camps were camps. The pictures were great, What scenery. My camp use to be like yours in the wilderness..Not anymore and I only have a little over an acre. Someone bought directly in front of me and hinders my water view...OH Well!!!Its mine....You are very lucky...stay well

Trader Rick said...

Hike, you huskies!