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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some Moonbat Comments On The Post Below About That Zogby Poll

I guess they didn't like being called ill informed ignoramuses so they call people that voted for McCain the least educated knuckledragging rednecks. The truth is having a college degree does not mean you are smart or well informed it means you spent a lot of money and sat through endless lectures about nothing unless you went into the real sciences. I have met plenty of folks with college degrees that are dumb as posts and plenty of folks that entered the workforce instead that are smart enough to easily get a PHD if they had so chosen. The Zogby poll is really more a reflection on media bias and what they chose to report on than on the intelligence of McCain or Obama voters.

Mary had this to say:

But didn't all the most educated people vote Democratic?That's not to say
you can't be both educated and ignorant of certain things, but it's a fact that
only the least educated people voted Republican this year.

Actually Obama won the votes of the most educated and the least educated, McCain won those with some college that were actually well informed about the issues. The Republican voters I know are highly informed and get their information from a wide range of sources, the Democrat voters I know, not so much, relying on the MSM. At least Mary admits that educated people can be ignorant, but all the most educated people did not vote for Obama, he won a small majority of them. I thought blacks were the victims of the poorest educations along with latinos and they voted overwhelmingly for Obama. I voted for McCain and I carried a 3.9 GPA in junior college so there goes her theory.

Shannon had this to say:
YOur little poll is bullcrap and you know it. Universities of people voted for Obama. Your lot voted for McCain only because they painted Obama out as the anti-christ or a terrorist. How bloody stupid is that? Vote for us, the other guy is a terrorist.
YOu won't post this because you are a coward, but I just thought you should know.

Actually I voted for McCain because Obama is a far left liberal Democrat though he did choose as his friends exterrorists, Ayers and Dohrn, and terrorist sympathizers, Rhashid Kalidi, Edward Said and Nahdmi Auchi. I am also a conservative Republican with an IQ far higher than what you demonstrated here. Oh and the youth vote was only up 1% from previous elections and many of them voted for McCain and from what I have seen of reports on recent college grads actual knowledge of the world their practical intelligence is not something to brag about. This redneck barnyard goat can at least find Iraq on a map, knows Illinois borders Kentucky and not Arkansas, that there are 50 states not 57 and that hezbollah is still in Lebanon despite what Biden says. I know that Russia is visible from Alaska, 18 miles separates them at their closest point across the Bearing Strait.

I also know how supremely ignorant the liberal mind is about conservatives but we know how the liberal mind works since the media is dominated by it.


Trader Rick said...

You tell 'em , Goat!

Gayle said...

Excellent, Goat! Remind me to never get you ticked off. :)

I voted for McCain because I detest Obama's socialistic views. Anyone who knows anything about socialism and still believes we should go in that direction either doesn't know their history or doesn't care.

Jungle Mom said...

This election has shown us that Democrats are not only poor losers as in 2004, but also poor winners.
Why can't they just enjoy their win?