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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PayPal Password Scam

I don't have a PayPal account but both of my email addresses received an email about a request for my password. This is obviously a phishing scam and an attempt to steal identities so report it or delete it. Why would I request a password I never had? Unless I was a scammer that wanted to rob me. I reported them both times to their ISP and the Feds. I have no patience for these asshats, they need to be staked in the desert sun, covered in baby oil and left to fry hopefully near a fire ant bed.


Trader Rick said...

So, you want to let them off easy, eh?

Gayle said...

The same thing happened to me but it was a warning about my ATM Card. Since I don't even have an ATM card, I deleted it without opening it. I didn't think to report them. I guess I should have. I like the idea about staking them in the desert sun covered with oil and left to fry near a fire ant bed though. :)