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Monday, December 10, 2007

Church Killing Horror

The big story of course is the deranged nuts that decided to shoot up a church and a mall lately. Thank God the Church had a plan in place and armed citizen volunteers in place in case something like this happened, the mall did not. Only four innocent people had to needlessly die before one of those armed citizens took him out, a sharp shootin' gal with a law enforcement background. Good thing The New Life Mega-Church in Colorado Springs is not a "gun free zone" or it could have been really ugly as the nut was heavily armed. Kudos to the Church leadership for the forward thinking in having such a plan in place and a hero's praise for that courageous lady for doing what needed to be done by taking that bastard out and one of the wounded was a Viet-Vet who purposely distracted the vile slug so others could gain cover.
Michelle is running it as her top story so she has all the links and updates as it unfolds.
My Prayers for the families in these horrible tragedies.


Deborah said...


I'm sorry anyone had to die, but yes, I am very glad that U.S. citizens are allowed to arm themselves. The fact that U.S. citizens are allowed to arm themselves deterred the Japanese from invading the lower 48 states during WWII.

But this brings to mind the most recent happenings in Israel, the confiscation of weapons from Israeli citizens in Judea and Samaria. (http://womeningreen.org/?p=137) With all my heart, I pray for and bless Israel and the Jewish people, but why does the Israeli government have to be its peoples own worst enemy at times?

Pray for Israel... and America!


Goat said...

Welcome to the Barnyard Deborah!