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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mitt's New Ad

I had been thinking he needed to get this story out there, my coblogress, Lisa, posted it a while back so I will have to rummage around a bit to find it. He closed down Bain Capital and put its substantial resources to work to help find a colleague's 14 year old daughter that had gone missing after attending a concert in New York. They made the News and found her just in time, suffering from an OD. This is the Mitt Romney voters need to know like the story Lisa posted a couple weeks ago about Mitt and his son taking time off the campaign trail to go help a San Diego resident dig out a burnt stump, without camera crew, after the wildfires while on a stop there.

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Ron Simpson said...

What pisses me off is that the Mitt haters are attacking him over this ad. They are saying that he would not have done this for a peon employee and the only reason he did it was because it was his rich buddy's kid. The message board on a news website I read was full of vitriol against Mitt. None of it based on logical thought.
I think that is such crap. Why can people not realize that Mitt Romney is a genuinely caring man who does what he can to help people?
Everything Mitt has touched has been drastically improved when he was done with it.