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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I forget where I saw this today but it is seen as a sign of fervency among radical islamists, a prayer mark, a scar/callous/sore on the forehead where they touch their heads to the floor in prayer. Doesn't Revelations say something about the Mark of the Beast being branded on the forehead? As I have come to understand islam, I can point to Muhammed as the Anti-Christ, since he teaches that it is ok to kill and take from the infidels what they desire, indeed to smite off our heads. They have the speech of the Four Horsemen not that of the Messiah.
Regular readers will know to visit Hot Air for Dr. Spencer's weekly dicussion on the Qu`ran, he has been exploring Surah 9, the calling for Judeo-Christian blood if they don't submit, okaying rape, pillage and slavery. As a sidenote the Muslims ran the African slave trade and the vast majority went to Arabia and death. I just found that little snippet interesting about their habit of banging their head on the floor as a status symbol odd.

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