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Saturday, December 15, 2007

From the Jewish People to the World

(by Rafael V. Rabinovitch)

To the Nations of the World

We, the Jewish people, both in Eretz Yisrael and in the various places of our exile, hereby declare:

1. That the Jewish People are the sole heirs to the Land of Israel, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea;

2. That all the Jewish people, each and every Jew, and only the Jews, have the right to return to the Land of Israel;

3. That the Jewish People have the right and duty to settle the Land of Israel in its entirety, to work the land, to build industry on it, and to do so respecting its holiness as the Torah commands;

4. That any individual Jew, even with the claim of representing the Jewish people, the people and/or government of Israel, or any representative or ruling authority; has no right to give away the collective right of the Jewish people over the Land of Israel;

5. That we will not accept any declaration, agreement, legislation, court ruling or decree that contradicts our right to the Land of Israel. This includes any instance where our right is only partially recognized, or where another people or entity alien to our people is said to share rights over the Land of Israel;

6. That the name of our land is the Land of Israel, Eretz Yisrael, and that we do not recognize the sovereign validity of any name imposed by foreign conquerors, or any people called after such imposed name;

7. That the capital of the Land of Israel is the entire city of Jerusalem, and that this is an unconditional truth not subject to debate or negotiation. No other people or entity of any sort has sovereign rights over that city, and even the collection of all the nations of the world has no such right;

8. That the Temple Mount is our most Holy place, and that no one has the right to violate its holiness and physical integrity. The remains of the First and Second Temple shall not be touched unless it is for the specific purpose of building the Third Temple;

9. That the State of Israel has the duty to keep the Land of Israel on Jewish hands, and any violation of this duty is to us of no validity. We do not recognize any territorial concession, and no peace may come from such thing.

Jews and non-Jews please sign this petition and G-d willing, the world will hear our voice. Post this declaration on your blogs and help propagate the Jewish message!


Marshall Art said...

I have signed this petition. I not sure it will do any good, unfortunately.

Hey, Goat! It seems Geoffrey doesn't like my blog anymore. *sniff*

shoprat said...

I agree with this but it will require the return of the King to enforce it.

Prothink said...

Oh Boy! Can you explain this: nkusa.org
And explain to your viewers what Jewish Arthur Koestler wrote in his book "Thirtenth Tribe" were his explains most Jews in Israel have NO right to the land of Palestine.

Goat said...

Bar. this one is yours.
Prothink, as owner of this blog of which Bar is a guest poster, I like to just delete moonbat terrorist supporters.
What Biblical grant is given to the palestinions, there is no palestine and and never has been?

Bar Kochba said...

Prothink: Neturai Karta are a lunatic fringe who attended Iran's hatefest along with Islamic jihadists, ant-semites, White supremacists and neo-Nazis. They were excommunicated by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and denounced by every single major Orthodox organization including the Orthodox Union, Agudat Yisrael, Chabad and even Satmar. Their theology is bunk and if you really want to understand the real Jewish view, I suggest that you hitch yourself over to the local Orthodox study house or read some writings by Rabbi Kahane, perhaps.

Of course, if you knew anything then you would know that the Jews had 2 independent kingdoms in Israel, under the Davidic Dynasty (10th century BCE until 586 BCE) and later the Hasmonean (until 70 CE). Despite being violently expelled by the Romans, archeology has shown that the Jews maintained a constant presence in Israel while the exiled masses prayer 3 times a day to return. (My grandfather's family has been in Israel for over 500 years, since the Expulsion form Spain).

"Palestine" on the other hand is an entirely made up entity. After the Romans expelled the Jews, they renamed the land Palastinae for Israle's Biblical enemies the Philistine, in an attempt to destroy the Jewish connection to Israel. In the 6th century, the Arabs swept through the Mid-East and conquered it. ("Palestine" isn't even an Arabic word- there's no 'p' sound in Arabic!) There was never an independent Arab country called Palestine and Jerusalem was never the capital of any Arab nation. In fact, there was no "Palestinian" people until after 1967!