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Monday, December 24, 2007

Poll Grazing

Taking a look at the various polls and Huckabee's, McCain's and Romney's rising it looks like Mike's rise in Iowa and nationally are not at Mitt's expense whose numbers have held pretty steady and risen steadily nationally. It appears Mike's and John's rise have hurt Fred and Rudy the most. Rudy has slipped badly and Fred failed to materialize altogether. Fred is on a last ditch bus ride around Iowa a day late and a dollar short that could pull down some of Huck's momentum. Romney's far better prepared organization will carry Iowa eventually as that is the heart of caucusing.
The big question is will Dr. Paul take his millions and minions and bolt on an independent ticket? Would that hurt the GOP and assure a Democrat victory? I am not so sure it would since most Paulnuts wouldn't vote for anybody but him anyway, or the GOP for that matter, so we are not really losing many votes in fact it may hurt the Democrats more as the antiwar vote could move to him away from the Dems and their big government policies.
Meanwhile over on the other side Hillary's campaign shenanigans and sour plastic personality seem to have worn on Democrat voters as Obama's smiling face and warm oratory are winning over folks in Iowa and New Hampshire where he has pulled ahead. The Clinton Machine seems to have blown a gasket and is blowing alot of smoke and noise as her carefully laid plans for a coronation start to crumble. Obama may just snatch her dreams away from her yet. Believe me when I say there will not be a Obama/Clinton ticket or vice versa, they really don't like each other. A white male southern or mid-western Governor will be the VP candidate for either Hillary or Barack and probably for the GOP as well.
Hillary would be a little easier to defeat than Barack in the general election because she has so many skeletons real and metaphorical in her closet. Obama just changes the narrative to his inexperience, far left Alinskyite positions, big government socialism, and foreign policy naivete. He is a smooth talker and campaigner but he can be beaten with ideas and exposure. I am definately more confident now than I was a year ago that we can retain the Whitehouse and hold our own in Congress.

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