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Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Very Hillary Christmas

Madame Hillary's campaign has released their Christmas ad that shows her Highness giving the gifts of big government to the unruly masses all paid for with their taxdollars. It reveals far more about her regressive marxist thinking than she intended to reveal, universal healthcare and pre-K, and retreat in the GWOT, etc. Barack Obama has her panicked as he is gaining real momentum in the early states as she keeps shooting but hitting only her own feet. All of the mud her campaign has flung at Obama has slid off or blownback in her face eventhough they differ very little in ideology or policy. Her ad also shows a certain inside the beltway aloofness that doesn't realize this could have been made as an attack ad as well.

Those busy little elves over at Hot Air have already spoofed it and features 'The Cackle'.


The Frank Family said...

What the leftist loonies will never understand is that we don't want "gifts" from the government. All we want is truth from our leaders and military protection for our land.

Marshall Art said...

Merry Christmas, Herr Goat. All the best to you and yours this holiday season and beyond.

heidianne jackson said...

frank family is right - we want government to be responsible to us, not we to it. great post, goat. thanks for sharing.

and thanks for sharing your wisdom and wit with us throughout the year. merry christmas!!!

shoprat said...

Hillary has been taught to govern and dominate. She has never had to, and thus learned to, reach and communicate with hearts and minds.