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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Its A Horse Race

With less than a month till the primary voters go to the polls to select who will be our standard bearers it has become a real race in both parties. Hillary's broom seems to be running out of magic as Barack is a making a big move on her in all the early states just as Huckabee has put the heat to Mitt and Rudy out of nowhere.
Mitt Romney picked up a huge endorsement today, National Review has come out for Mitt. I doubt there are very many conservatives that don't read National Review or parts of it at NRO.
Mike Huckabee is finding out what it means to be a player as the opposition research is starting to come out, it seems Gubner Huck had a penchant for releasing and giving pardons to violent felons that had come to Jesus. He is getting hammered in the blogosphere, good grief Ron Paul is far more conservative and Republican than this guy. Ace is on him here , here and here.


shoprat said...

Sadly there are a couple of jokers in the deck. Hopefully they get shuffled out soon.

Tapline said...

This is crazy. I still am not sold on any one of them....They all have major strengths and major weaknesses. stay well....