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Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Treat

PBS is doing a Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute, ironic I got to see him in his last New Years performance at the Fox Theater in Atlanta in a legendary night among my friends but that was a couple decades ago. The man could play a guitar like no other, Steve Vai and Yngvie Malmsteen are a different genre, Stevie Ray was special in his own way. He is one of my favorite guitarists ever. He and Double Trouble have pleasured this Goat's ears for many years. Little Wing is my favorite Hendrix song and Stevie does it justice here.

One of his biggest hits.

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heidianne jackson said...

is there honestly anything musical that stevie ray doesn't seem to do justice to?

happy new year, my friend. i look forward to our continued friendship in the 2008.