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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

GOP Debate Today

This was less a debate and more a gotcha question sound bite session, format and staging were horrid and the moderator, worse. What in the heck was Allan Keyes doing up there or Hunter or Tancredo? There are four, maybe five viable candidates with only weeks till voting starts and we need a real debate between them with time for some real answers from a real moderator or panel like, say Newt Gingrich. The format fit Mitt and Fred well and they did the best with Mitt winning easily. Fred may be regretting waiting so long to get into the race as he does have a very solid platform and message, his slow pace would have done better if he had. Rudy was way off his game as was Huckster.
I am sure Shucksterbee was horrified he was going to get hit with his crazy clemencies and attempts to incite anti-Mormon bigotry and caught a break.
All in all its been several good news cycles for Mitt and several awful ones for Mike who is starting to show a penchant for putting a foot in his folksy mouth.

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