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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Wild And Crazy Year

This past year was anything but boring with the war in Iraq being the big story of course. Last year conservatives were reeling after just losing the House and Senate and the war was going badly with the anti-warnicks reaching a fevered pitch screaming for Administration heads to roll. The moonbats were having heated wet dreams about Karl Rove being frog-marched to prison and Bush and Cheney being impeached and tried for war crimes and conservatives were having nightmares they might succeed. Something happened on the way to the moonbats march for retreat and defeat, President Bush defied them and changed commanders and tactics in Iraq and flipped a switch it seems for victory there. He and the GOP leaders in Congress beat the Democrats at every turn securing funding without retreat strings attached and now we are clearly winning the war.
Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid promised and campaigned to lead the most ethical and honest Congress ever if the American people put them into power instead they have lead Congress to the lowest approval ratings in history. They have tried to force bills through and even stole votes in order to do so, supported amnesty for illegals and done everything in their power to hamstring our counter-terrorism efforts all to no avail thankfully.
It has been a year of nonstop campaigning for the presidential primaries, a fun thing for political junkies and pundits large and small. I think it has been a good and a prime view of all the candidates.
It was a summer of "Peace Marches" that looked more like clown parades to end the war "Now" that failed to draw any large numbers of people to listen to maniacs raging against America. We saw a presscorps do away with any pretext of nonbias with a constant beat about how we were losing the war even as Gen. Petraeus was turning things around and even made stuff up when the good news didn't fit their narrative. We saw the left wing smear machine try to tar him before his Congressional testimony and have it blow back in their face.
We witnessed the tragedies of the various shooting sprees by madmen that demonstrated the complete idiocy of "gun free zones". The only way to stop a crazed idiot with a gun is with a well placed shot by another gun.
We can't forget all the bimbo coverage of Hollywoods ditzy blonds and all the taudry details when one up and died on them. What with all the partying wrecked cars and DUIs you would think there was nothing else going on other than another dead girl named Peterson.
We had another summer of horrible wilfires in the West exposing the fallacy of forty years of liberal forest management and gross overgrowth.
On the bright side we have turned the corner on the war and are now winning after having killed and captured tens of thousands of terrorists and now Iraq is a place where Sunni, Shia and Christians march for peace in Baghdad and celebrate Christmas Mass together by the thousands. The GOP managed to beat back all the liberal's lunacy in Congress including the Shamnesty supported by the Pres.
Despite the hiccup in the housing and credit markets and gloom and doom from the MSM the economy has absorbed it and continues to grow at a solid rate. The deficit as a percentage of GDP is at historic lows and tax revenues are way up thanks to the Bush tax cuts which the Democrats would love to expire.
Rock ribbed conservative Rep. Bobby Jindal won the Governor's seat in La. and the GOP retained two House seats in special elections the DNC had hopes of picking up. It seems that the Democrat's loose coalition of lefty special interest groups may be ravelling a more than the GOPs as they failed to advance any of their agenda and lost ground on many fronts. The GOP held firm and despite what the MSM media says the vigorous debate in the GOP over our candidates has been very good for the party and has gotten people involved at a grassroots level. The animosity the Press reports is not there, I have friends that support different candidates but we all support the Party and its eventual nominee.
Next year looks to be just as wild and bumpy a ride and the Barnyard is on board and looking forward to it.


The Frank Family said...

Well spoken Goat!!!

KEvron said...
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Anonymous said...

And I'll keep reading! Thanks!

Bar Kochba said...

What a year in liberal lunacy! Hopefully, '08 will herald some good, common, conservative sense.

shoprat said...

And I think it just got crazier.

Goat said...

Yes it did Shoprat with Bhutto's assassination.