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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunny December Sunday

I am worn out after cutting and splitting a load of good eucalyptus firewood, it splits really easy but it is heavy and very hard to cut, even with a new chain on my saw. It is great in the stove though as it burns hot and for a long time with few ashes. Now its time for some beer, BBQ and football.
Can the Patriots be stopped? It sure does not look like it at this point. Manning will get another shot at in the playoffs so we'll see.


The Frank Family said...

Merry Christmas to ya, Goat, from our humble family. Hopefully you can spend some time sitting in front of the fire that your split wood can build. Football and eggnog to you, friend!

Ron Simpson said...

I spent the other day chopping broken limbs out of the trees in my yard. The ice storm last week left the neighborhood looks like a bomb hit it.
Even with a new chainsaw, it was hard work. One limb was over a foot in diameter and was hanging by little more than the bark. It was huge. When it came down it shook the whole tree. Lots of firewood. Luckily the city is sending around contracters to pick up all the limbs.

Goat said...

Thanks TFF and I will enjoy the fruits of my labour, a nice fire.
Ron, I heard y'all got hammered and ice stormes can make a major mess. They are also cold, wet and messy to clean up after. I remember quite a few bad ones when I lived in Al.