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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

For The Fun of Dihydrogen Monoxide

I promised this video a while back, remember this is a toxic, dangerous substance that takes many thousands of lives every year and comes in many deadly forms including the dominate greenhouse gas....

Yet it is the basic ingredient of life, I gotta love the Al Gores and other loonatics, Ms. Cindy, that go so overboard as to become fools and court jestors.
So here is some more fun from Penn and Teller.

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BB-Idaho said...

Darn Dihydrogen monoxide: it used to run naturally through low valleys and collect in low areas, then came pipes & faucets. Now, we
purchase it at high cost, sitting in polyethylene terephtahlate containers. Darn! Reminds of old joke..chemist stops by drugstore, says to pharmacist, "Hey, you got any sodium acetylsalicilate? Druggist ponders a little, "You mean Aspirin?" A little embarrassed, the chemist admits,
"Yeah, I can never remember that."