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Monday, June 11, 2007

Whooooe Nellie, What is This?

The girl is on a tear, Michelle Malkin has uncovered a sneak amnesty that is used by congressman to give special rights to individual illegal aliens "for relief", including convicts, felons, and even an international jihadi wanted for murder in his home country, sponsored by a Democrat of course. Hmm, I doubt we would have ever heard of this story from the MSM, it takes a smart gal with gumption and conservative credo to break this to the public. Michelle is a true investigative journalist able to find and generate true reporting on her own with little help from the MSM, except FOX.

Are you aware that deportable aliens can circumvent immigration laws with the help of your member of Congress? Are you aware that more than 50 bills have been introduced in Congress this year that would grant special, private relief to individual immigrants fighting deportation? It's instant amnesty through special legislation. And it's been happening for years under the radar. Past and present beneficiaries have included smugglers, illegal aliens, and now a convicted murderer wanted in his home country for engaging in terrorist activity and participating in an assassination plot that left a prime minister and dozens of his family members dead. (More on him and his congressional sponsor in a moment.)

How does this happen and how can you find out if your member of Congress has sponsored such a bill?

You definately need to check out her full post! Do our elected officials have any desire to enforce the current laws? I am sad to say, it sure doesn't look like it. Thankfully the sane thinkers have enough votes to derail a bad immigration bill. We the people just want the law enforced as it is written and proof that it will continue to be enforced then we can discuss legalization and work visas.
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Gayle said...

Good for Michelle! I really like that woman. She's got it together. She also has good taste. I have a nightgown that looks exactly like that dress. LOL!

I agree with you that it doesn't appear that most of our elected officials have any intention of upholding our current laws. It's maddening, Goat!

WomanHonorThyself said...

ah yes Goat...20 million illegals is not enough for our Govt!..egads!