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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Roundup: Updated

Some flowers for the fine ladies that grace the comment section, new colors and blooms as the season progresses.

My glad's are starting to pop, many were already planted, just needed dividing. I have about a dozen different colors, the red ones are always first.

The calla lilly was here, the princess lilly, I planted. There is something very therapeutic about gardening, that odd sense of well being in the soul as you tend your gardens and are rewarded by the sustaining and visual fruits of that care. For me it is my time of prayer and thanks to the Lord for such gifts, a special connection to the land and His creation.
Meanwhile the Barnyard's favorite conservative babe, Michelle Malkin has a new Vent up at HotAir on the immigration issue, fun and informative, I bet she is a blast to work with. I can't find the code but when I do I will post it otherwise just follow the link. Anyway here she is with Bill O'reilly and Geraldo makes some pretty outrageous comments in response. The elite just do not get it !?! She gives it right back to Bill, I am glad she is such a great voice for us, Michelle for President.

Don't miss Dr. Spencer's 3rd installment of Blogging the Qu'ran as he dismantles Islam and the 'teachings' of Mohammed.
Update: My friend Angel has a great post up, check it out.
Fred and Sean Hannity, I can at least post this. I as a Romneyite would love Fred as a running mate.

Sen. McCain admits failed border security and that the government has let the people dowm in a townhall meeting with a literate constituency. We want border security, simple as that. We want our laws followed, nothing complicated about that.

My DragonLady friend pulls out a fun video and good commentary.


Trader Rick said...

Can't agree with you on the running mate deal, Goat. Mitt would not make a good VP for Fred Thompson. Mitt's way too far to the left...

Lisa said...

Fred Thompson is Wesley Clark. Initial excitement which will burn out once people see him as an actor with lymphoma and a 40 year old wife. Is this where we are as a party? SAD.