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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Weekend Rambler:Updated

Gold country visit, modern day time travel, removed from modern California, French Camp, Wells Fargo station, circa1860.

Gold Fever, I think I've got it as I head back up to Mother Lode country for a drive through exploratory up the 49 to Downieville, named for a mayor that threw a pan of gold dust in the street to get elected so rich were the placer digs in the region.

Covered bridge history, the bridges of Yuba county

Still in use today, but honk and turn on lights before entering, beautiful day use picnic area near by.

1853 to 1991, two VFWs, history in a microcosm.

I'll go back to this region often as it has a great story to tell and I am just scratching the surface. Plus I wanna find me some of 'dat der gold'!



And now
Hey,I am now a crawling amphibian in the TTLB network, I want to be a slithering reptile and I need your help to to do it, a few more links should do it.


Gayle said...

Love the pictures, they bring back many memories. I've been through that bridge.

Good luck finding any gold. It isn't easy. I was taught how to pan for gold at a very young age and occasionally found a smidgen of it, but not enough to build my future on! :)

Those videos are an awesome find, Goat. That's exactly how the MSM would cover the Normandy Invasion today. They have no shame!

WomanHonorThyself said...

G'mornin my friend!...nice work again Goat..drop on by my haunt when ya get the chance..havent seen ya inna bit!.:)

Goat said...

I will Angel, thanks. I know finding much gold is a lark and work Gayle, something to do if the trout aren't biting, LOL. I do have a fair knowledge of where to find it though, who knows, a few flakes here a little nugget there and pretty soon you have a little stake while enjoying the beauty of the area and it is sublime as you know. How long has it been since you were living here?

lilfeathers2000 said...

Love the pics thanks