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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday Wanderings

The latest Barnyard bloomer, an asian lily, it is about eight inches across.

Michelle Malkin has followed the Immigration debate in the Senate and live blogged it for the rest of us and reports that this zombie of a bill may finally be killed once and for all untill we see true border security, interior enforcement, the clearance of existing backlogs of legal immigrants, deportation of criminal illegals and a reliable easy to use employment ID verification system. Second and just as important we need to help the Mexican government reform its market system to improve the lot of its people so they don't leave and instead have the incentive to stay and work in their own resource rich country and take it back from the drug cartels and organized crime that is rampant. There is a mini-war going on along our border between rival cartels, Mexican Army(often impossible to tell apart from the cartels) and our Border Patrol that we do not allow to fight, go figure.
Hotair has lots more with some fun and revealing videos as well of some Semate 'elites' making fools of themselves.

Allah has this Silky Pony Edwards feature. Just for fun since I am an Annie fan.

And for referrence is this "Hardball" setup by Chris Matthews, attacking Ann's right to free speech. Thanks to Matt Lewis at Townhall for this one. Oh Waaaa, whiney loonbat, "shutup, stop criticizing us" oh the irony, they can dish it out but they sure can't take it. Go Annie Go!

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